Second, free in the UK

Fuenlabrada-Almería, next Saturday the 6th; Girona-Leganés, on Sunday the 7th and Lugo-Espanyol, on Monday the 8th, are the matches selected for matchday 24.


LaLiga and the live sports results platform LiveScore have reached an agreement whereby the latter will offer free streaming of three LaLiga SmartBank matches each day in the United Kingdom for the remainder of the season.

Fuenlabrada-Almería, next Saturday 6th; Girona-Leganés, on Sunday, 7 and Lugo-Espanyol, on Monday, 8, are the selected matches of matchday 24 that will be broadcast next weekend, as announced by LaLiga.

He also recalled that LiveScore is one of the world's leading providers of streaming services and live sports news and currently has more than 2 million users in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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