Scariolo, after directing to Toronto: "You're so focused, trying not to f ..."

The Italian donned the Raptors head coach suit due to the absence of Nick Nurse (anti-COVID protocols) in the win over Houston.


Sergio Scariolo (Brescia, 1961) made history this past morning by directing the Toronto Raptors as head coach in the victory against the Houston Rockets (122-111) in Tampa (Florida). The Italian sat for the first time in his career as head on an NBA bench due to COVID-19: Nick Nurse and five other members of the coaching staff entered the anti-coronavirus protocol and were removed from the team dynamics, so they couldn't be in the band.

"It's the other people who make me feel that this is special because you're so focused on what you're doing, trying not to screw it up, that you don't have too much time to think about your emotions," Scariolo said after finishing the duel and receiving in the locker room the winning ball from Kyle Lowry, who finished with 20 points.

“He is always extremely attentive with these details, the little things that really make a difference in turning the team into a family, a group who really care about each other and I appreciate it a lot. I will keep the ball very close to other objects that my players have given me after a medal or a championship ”, underlined the national coach about this gift.

"It is an incredible experience to be able to be in the best basketball in the world. In an extremely effective organization but at the same time with a familiar tone and with a very good feeling within the team. A great experience in general," he told Efe.

"Obviously I've learned a lot about basketball, about management, about things that are done well here and that could be done better in Europe. And I've also learned things that could be done better here too, but that you can't always do it," he said. .

"And I have also learned that if you adapt, if you leave your ego in a corner, you can perfectly pass, loyally, effectively, professionally, from the role of head coach to assistant coach naturally. much more difficult to do this, but here it happens much more often, "the Spanish coach concluded."We are happy"

"Appointing Sergio was not difficult for us," said Bobby Webster, general manager of the Raptors to EFE. “We have had it here for years. The experience he has, not only in the NBA but as an international head coach, whether in Europe or in the national team (of Spain), has made it not difficult. Probably the most difficult decision was to determine who can be with him, what is the plan, the replacement rates, all that. ”

Scariolo was accompanied by three coaches from the Raptors 905. The affiliate of the Canadian franchise is currently in Orlando, contesting the bubble of the G-League. The distance between both towns in Florida is about 150 kilometers by car (an hour and a half). “He has an incredible ability to see the game, to make adjustments, he knows his role very well. So we are happy to see him in the role of head coach and see what he can do, ”Webster continued on Scariolo.

The Italian was saved from the anti-COVID protocols by other anti-COVID protocols. In your case, those of international travelers. Last week the one from Brescia was with Spain contesting the qualifying windows for the Eurobasket 2022 in Poland, so on his return he had to spend a few days in quarantine and had no contact with his teammates.

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