Same need, opposite goals in Cartagonova

The locals are looking for the three points to get out of the descent and the visitors to consolidate in the fight for direct promotion.


Cartagonova hosts a duel between two teams that want to take a step forward in their respective and opposite goals, Cartagena and Rayo Vallecano (follow the game live on While the local team will seek to get out of the relegation zone, the visitors want the three points to consolidate themselves among the best and in the process try to cut the difference with the first two, Mallorca and Espanyol. Therefore, a clash in which both have the need to be victorious, especially those of the port city.

The Albinegro side, which achieved four of the six points at stake and did not receive a goal in two games, is completely another. It has little to do with the team that finished 2020 and in large part it is due to the work of Luis Carrión and the eight incorporations of the winter market. If he won, he would come out of relegation and face future commitments with greater peace of mind. As Carrión said: "It would give us a bonus and we would go to Las Palmas with another face" .

The absence of Gallar disrupts Carrión's plans. The winger is important up next to Castro, ten targets, and Elady, six. His loss could be replaced by Cayarga, although there is also the option of Nacho Gil and even Azeez. The ex from Granada would be behind Castro and Elady would go to one of the bands. In the other, De Blasis. In the rest of the positions everything seems clearer, the main doubt being the presence of Antoñito or David Simón on the side. The former performed perfectly against Oviedo, a clash that Simón missed by penalty.

Giro de los vallecanos

The Lightning has undergone a metamorphosis worthy of Kafka. Just two weeks have been enough for him to go from being intractable in Vallecas to being vulnerable. There he has only fallen four times this season, but three of them - two in the League and one in the Cup - have occurred consecutively. On the other hand, in his last three outings he has reaped a draw (Girona, 0-0) and two victories (Mirandés, 0-2 and Espanyol, 2-3). The last especially meritorious, going back 2-0 to the parrots, something that he had not achieved since November 2012.The men of Iraola will try to take advantage of this improvement in their visitor status to squeeze the benefits of the calendar, which force them to play away this Saturday against Cartagena and next week in Malaguista territory. To continue aspiring to direct promotion positions, the technician will have to rebuild the puzzle and it will not be easy. It will not have Catena, Trejo, Velázquez and Pozo. In addition, it will have the doubts until the last minute of Baby and Álvaro. On the contrary, it recovers Martín for the axis of the rear and Morro, already recovered from COVID-19.

Who points to eleven is Guerrero. The forward, the only French-red addition to this market, enjoyed his first minutes against Tenerife and could take the lead in attack. Artillery to counter the incombustible Rubén Castro, who with ten goals practically treasures the same as the two rival pichichis: Antoñín (six) and Isi (five) .

Coaches' statements Luis Carrión

Requirement: "We have a lot of room for improvement, especially in the offensive aspect" .

Baja de Gallar: "We are prepared for another teammate to play, although we are sorry for Àlex. We will get a competitive eleven" .

Rayo Vallecano: "It's a good team, but with cracks like everyone else. We have to take advantage of where they fail, profit from it. It will be an intense team, they have very fast players. We are not afraid of them, we will exploit their bad things."

Win: "We would see ourselves with 27 points and we would go to Las Palmas with another face and reinforced. It would be a plus. It is an important game, not a final."


Visit to Cartagonova: "When you lose and don't play a good game, as was our case the other day, it is a good opportunity to improve things" .

Frenazo after Cornellà's comeback: "We came from a win away and it seemed that until we won at home it was not complete, we were a little half" .

Analysis of the rival: "It has changed a lot since the first round: the coach has made about eight signings in the winter market, who are participating ... The team is totally different. In defense he has made additions that give him another level, he was being something that had weighed them down. Offensively, he has scored goals all year and will continue to do so because he has many level players with experience in the First Division. They know what they are doing. "

Catena and Trejo casualties: "Beyond their individual participation, they are players who pull the team in moments when the rival reaches you two or three times and a certain nervousness is generated. They are footballers with personality."

Keys to the game Improve back

Cartagena, who receives the most goals, has not conceded in the last games. Navas and Datkovic have given good results.


Both teams will have significant absences. Gallar at the premises and Trejo and Catena for the visiting team.

Wet gunpowder

Rayo is the fourth that scored the most goals, but last round he did not score. It has already happened in nine games, including Cartagena in the first round (0-0) .

Aces to follow Rubén Castro

He is the local top scorer, with ten goals after the goal against Oviedo, and does not need to appear much to be decisive in attack.


His goal against Espanyol, by fault, was the engine of the comeback in Cornellà and Rayo missed him in their defeat against Tenerife. The winger, who has five goals and two assists, returns to eleven after serving a sanction.

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