Sainz is what Ferrari needs

'' highlights the Madrilenian as one of the reasons to be optimistic with the 'Scuderia'. "His arrival is a breath of fresh air," they say.

Okay, the cars will be practically the same as last year and that the great hope of Formula 1, its new regulations, was delayed until 2022, but that does not mean that there are enough novelties on the grid to make this season very interesting , especially for the interests of Spanish fans with the dreamed return of Alonso and the exciting jump of Sainz to the front row of the World Championship with Ferrari. Precisely on the latter, '' dedicates an article with five reasons to be optimistic about the Scuderia and one of them is from Madrid.

After experiencing one of the worst seasons in its history in F1, which is saying a lot when it comes to Ferrari, and firing another great champion like Vettel who has not been able to restore them to success, the Italians needed a breath of fresh air the World Cup website considers that that is what Carlos represents. "Change is good, especially when you're trying to change the direction of a monster quickly, so Sainz's arrival at the 'Scuderia' is exactly the breath of fresh air from which the men and women in red can draw enthusiasm and momentum." they write.

"It is possible that only a few weeks have passed, but the news inside Ferrari suggests that it seems like many more, so it has settled without problems in its new home", they assure about its positive landing in Maranello, then to point out the consistency he always shows in his results on the asphalt: "His pace on Sundays combined with an ability like Sergio Pérez to get the most out of the car with remarkable consistency is just what Ferrari needs to heal the wounds suffered in 2020 ".

Contagious positivity

And there the praises of the Spanish driver do not end, since they also highlight that he has "made a name" in F1 during the six years he has been competing in the championship and, above all, "with a brilliant two-year period at McLaren, which earned him two podium finishes and almost a first win at Monza. " And, finally, they value his attitude off the track: "Perhaps the most impressive thing is his total commitment to launching a project and fully integrate with his colleagues, his positivity is contagious" .

Sainz is one of the main keys to the optimism that can be had with the recovery of Ferrari, others point out such as the new power unit of which "Binotto says that the figures of the test bench are very promising", the solid roster of drivers that they have in their quarry and of course Leclerc: "You can expect him to shine again this year, encouraged by his growing position in the team and the faith that Ferrari has placed in him with a new long-term contract. for asserting his authority vis-a-vis Sainz ".

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