Saint-Maximin: the last dribbler plays in Gucci dress

The French winger wears a tape from the Fiorentina brand that has become characteristic and that he had to cover because of the Premier. Balotelli saw him in Madrid.


"Don't forget Saint-Maximin, in two years you will see him at Real Madrid". It was March 1, 2018. Mario Balotelli was at Nice and was filming his wardrobe partner Allan Saint-Maximin for a 'stories', for whom he had one of the brightest futures in store.

Nearing the three-year anniversary of SuperMario's appointment, the Italian is at Monza, in the umpteenth attempt to relaunch his career from Serie B, and the French, at Newcastle. His dribbling, his speed and his charisma have not dazzled the Bernabéu stands yet - he is only 23 years old - but he has become a cult player for the 'toons' fans and in general, of the Premier League.

Born and raised in Châtenay-Malabry, on the Parisian outskirts, Allan was a good athlete (he won cross country or decathlon competitions as a child) but football conquered him and he, the FFF scouts, who gave him a opportunity at the French national football school in Clairefontaine, where the absolute is also concentrated.

Este finished his training at Saint-Ettienne and stood out with the greens until he was signed by Monaco. After several loans, he was transferred to Nice and there he trained under Patrick Vieira and together with Mario Balotelli. Allan, like Mario, is another wild talent, ambidextrous and difficult to tame. His soccer is fast and fun. Something uncontrolled, like the blonde braids that he looks like as a hairstyle and that they like so much in Newcastle, his last destination.

At the magpies and before the global exposure of the Premier League, Allan Saint-Maximin has become one of the many cult players of the English League. First, for his impudence and his freedom. In a football with corseted wingers, the 10 maintains the spirit of the pure and talented winger. The best dribbler in the schoolyard. Bicycles, feints and even some lambretta, he is the son and provider of the highlight, but not only this virtue makes him stand out.

Allan is a special guy and has charisma regardless of what he does with the ball. Upon his arrival in the Premier League, he had his pluses and minuses with the League and the Frenchman liked to play dressed as Gucci. More specifically, she played with a wide headband to hold her braids from the Fiorentina brand with a huge logo on her forehead that is still for sale on her website for € 195. He began to wear it in his last season in Ligue 1 but, with the move to England, the Premier forced him to cover the brand present on the tape with tape for publicity reasons. Although it sometimes varies, it comes back to his head during Newcastle games with some assiduity.

Now nicknamed Sam Maximus on Twitter after Paul Merson, Arsenal legend and now commentator, got involved with the pronunciation of his name on television, the Frenchman has already been a viral phenomenon in networks. Beyond his dribbling, the rapper Mick C, a Newcastle fan, included him in a compilation of songs that he took out dedicated to players where the Parisian's has become a trend with more than two million visits on YouTube, which goes for all three million on Spotify and with over 50,000 uses on the 'newcomer' Tik-tok. The last pure extreme conquers the generation Z - also on the console - and the most purists, running through the British green dressed by Gucci.

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