Rockets cut DeMarcus Cousins after guaranteeing salary

Cousins leaves Houston, who wants to play with children and with Wood as an outside reference. Detail with it when renovating it before cutting it.


Substantial change in the Rockets. A team in full reconstruction that keeps trying to fit pieces. DeMarcus Cousins has been the last victim of the touch-ups. He's off the team.

According to Shams Charania (The Athletic), cut off by the idea that Rafael Stone and the rest of the sports management have of going to a scheme with children -as they did last season- and with a single reference inside: Christian Wood . The starting center, signed last summer, is close to recovering from an ankle injury and they want to give him all the prominence. Until he returns, Justin Patton, who was with the Knicks affiliate in the G-League, has been played. That is why it has been thought to give Cousins a chance to find a destination where he can be more useful and has more minutes on the court.

The detail has not been lip service. The Rockets guaranteed Cousins a season salary of $ 2.3 million as a reward for his professionalism during the season. They gave him the option to return to the NBA after a series of injuries that left him without a place and he has returned so well as to think he can fit into a team that fights for the championship.

It remains to be seen how this affects not only the Rockets as a structure, substantially recovered after the transfer of James Harden to the Nets, but John Wall. The point guard met Cousins in the NCAA and the two reunited in Houston after their physical hardships in recent years.

There are already teams interested in DeMarcus Cousins, who has averaged 9.4 points and 7.6 rebounds in the 25 games played so far. Kevin O'Connor (The Ringer) assures that the Lakers, where he was last year until the pandemic forced games to stop, are considering signing him for the remainder of the season in anticipation that Anthony Davis' break could be extended.

Cousins, apparently recovered from a torn heel or a broken knee among other ailments, has gone through four teams in three years (Pelicans, Warriors, Lakers and Rockets) and is looking for another one in which to show that, at 30 years, he has basketball left to give away.

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