Rins: "He may be the one who most wants to dethrone Mir"

And about Marc Márquez he says: "I don't know much about him, but I like to see him on the track, because he's a very talented rider from whom you learn."


Álex Rins has appeared at a press conference, telematics, like last year, to start talking about the 2021 season. He has done it from the Portimao circuit, where tomorrow he will start riding with a street motorcycle. Joan Mir, his Suzuki partner and brand-new MotoGP champion, points out in an interview with AS as one of his main rivals in the fight for the title, a role that he accepts without pressure and to which he forces himself.

-How is the winter and how is it?

-I'm fine, looking forward to this season. The Sepang test has already been canceled and I really wanted to go there, because last year we did not go, but I am glad I did not catch the virus. I have taken many precautions at home, both my partner and I, not to catch it, because it is bad and you never know when you can catch it and it is a bad virus.

-Despite having a good relationship with Mir last year, could he be the pilot most eager to dethrone him for being his partner?

-It may be, because the first driver you want to win is your teammate. Of course he had a great season and, if I couldn't win, I wanted him to win, so that the title would go home. Let's see how this year goes. I would like to repeat that sportsmanship that we managed to have last year. Of course, there were moments of tension during the season, in which we talked more or less, but there was that sportsmanship that sometimes gets lost.

-Will you miss Davide Brivio in that sense, that of good coexistence?

-Yes, yes we will miss him. He was an essential person. It was there and with a look it served, because it reassured you or transmitted good things to you. We will miss you and hope you come to some race.

-How and when did you find out about Brivio?

-I was in the car, coming back from vacation, from the Maldives with my partner, and she told me on the phone that she had not told me before because she was on vacation and that she had made that decision. I didn't believe it much, because I thought I was joking, and when I saw that he was serious I told myself that I had to face it. It was a shock to me.

-How do you think you will do in F1 with Renault? There you will have to manage a team of more than 100 people and not 30 as in Suzuki…

-Yes, it sure does well. At Suzuki he created a team practically from scratch. It is true that he will have more people there, but he has the means to do it well. It sure does great.

-Would it have also been renewed for two years by Suzuki if it had known that Brivio was going to go to F1?

-It's a good question, but honestly, I think I would have stayed. Suzuki is a great family. He leaves, but leaves a lot done. I think he would have stayed, unless he had said he had a place for me in the F1 team he is going to. I would have thought about it there. (Smiles) .

-Who can assume the role of Brivio in the team?

-I don't know. It seemed like not, but it was a long time ago. I don't know how it will be. You have to wait and see how it goes. Perhaps Sahara san, who is the leader of the Suzuki project, we see him more from the box.

-What do you think of the idea of eliminating the worst result as proposed by Rea for the SBK, due to the shocks caused by the coronavirus?

-Why not. It would be something different. It's like when we talk about doing the Superpole instead of qualifying. It has been spoken in some Security Commission, but it has not gone further. If I am for or against, I consider myself quite regular, so I would not care. Void vote for me.

-Are you facing the year differently knowing that Suzuki has already been champion?

-I face it with more enthusiasm, with more desire to take the title to my side, with enthusiasm and wanting to do well. I'd like to keep up the good pace of the second half of last season.

-What has been proposed to improve for this year?

-Communication in the box, work on the track and off it. Also perseverance, understanding the bike more. And I, as a pilot, would like to improve qualifications.

-Can having a more normalized calendar take away the advantage of the Suzuki, because now it will be raced on the circuits on the usual dates and in different circumstances the Suzuki adapted quickly?

-I think we will continue with that plus that the bike adapts quite quickly. We are going to keep that small advantage and we have to see how we take advantage of all that.

-It was fifth in 2018, fourth in 2019, third in 2020… Does the firm continue this progression and finish second this year?

-Due to the situation that exists, I do sign it. I would like to win, but if it is not worth improving that result.

-How will it take to spend a whole month in Qatar, with two tests and two races, and who can benefit?

-Benefits more to rookies and pilots who change brands. With so many laps before the race, it will be a super tight race and never seen before in Qatar. And to spend a month there, I prefer to spend a month anywhere other than Qatar. There is not much to do there and it is very hot, but hey, sweeping for home, better than in Spain, if they do not tell us many days in Spain and this with the days of Andorra is bad.

-What do you know about Marc Márquez and what do you want?

-Know I do not know anything and I think that people do not know much, and that what they know I do not know if it is true or a lie. It has already been seen that a lot is in store for him in his situation. Honda sure knows it, but I don't know. Of course I want him to get to the first race, of course, so that he can pick up the pace and be fighting, as he did in previous seasons. I don't know much, but I do like to see him on the track, because he is a very talented pilot from whom you learn.

-How can Marc arrive on time or not for the first race?

-It depends on how you are physically. If he's okay, he can quickly go back to the level he was at and open that little gap that was when he was there. And if not, it may be interesting.

Photos from as.com
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