Revenge of Stephen Curry

After their ugly loss in San Antonio the night before, the Warriors play a great second half and beat Curry and Green.


It is the season of double duels, things on the pandemic calendar: matches that are repeated against the same rival, many times in back to back (like this time) and with the feeling of a mini-series of playoffs (or, simply, of deja vu ). And that allow us to see changes like this: the Warriors went from losing in San Antonio 105-100 to winning 24 hours later 91-114. They have played (started with virtually no inside rotation) four games in Texas, two in a row against the Mavs, two in a row against the Spurs. And they close them 2-2, a correct balance with a feeling that it could be better: two incontestable wins, two defeats in extremis, San Antonio after wasting a 14-point lead.

This time there was no final disaster (like a few hours before): after the 50-50 break (with rude failures by the Warriors to handle a better result), the set was 41-64 in the second half. A 2-23 in the third quarter, an absolute domination, split a score (55-76) that was no longer sewn. The Spurs had run out of magic the night before. It happens to them: four of their last five defeats have come by at least 17 points. But they are 14-11, an absolutely brilliant record on the eve of their annual rodeo tour (seven away). The Warriors are 13-12, about to win back James Wiseman and back to San Francisco, where they have a round of games (Magic, Nets, Cavaliers, Heat) to try to get off (finally) 50% of victories.

Stephen Curry has completed this step for Texas with 149 points on 85 shots from the field and 25/50 on 3s. His averages for the season are already at almost 30 points with percentages of 49% in total shots, 43% in triples, 93% in free throws. Steve Kerr says he has never seen the point guard so well and he may not be off track: this time 32 points with a 4/10 on 3s. In good company: 12 + 10 from Kelly Oubre Jr, 15 + 6 from Paschall, quartermaster work by Lee and Toscano-Anderson, 14 points from a somewhat weak Andrew Wiggins in the last games and 6 + 7 + 11 from Draymond Green, who In these four away games he has added 51 assists. An outrage.

After three wins in a row and a competitive first half, the Spurs merged. A bad day for a team that does not usually give away anything: whoever wants to beat them, has to sweat it. And the Warriors this time did it. DeMar DeRozan fell to 12 points and 6 assists (below an average level that deserves an all-star call), and Keldon Johnson finished at 13 + 6 + 6. Dejounte Murray (8 + 4 + 2) did not repeat his great game from the day before and Lyles (15), Gay (17) and Mills (13) scored from the bench. And now on to the rodeo tour.

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