Respect is imposed in Los Cármenes

Granada and Celta draw 0-0 in a very close match lacking chances. Iago Aspas had a low-key comeback and the Nasrids only found some inspiration through Kenedy.


Granada and Celta could have more respect. Respect for Aspas, whose mere presence sows panic in rival defenses. And respect for a Granada that always competes, under any circumstance. But Aspas is not yet Aspas. A month in the infirmary requires a subsequent shoot. And this meritorious Granada, scorched by the calendar, didn't find a way to connect and make his stilettos shine either.

Kenedy was the only rojiblanco who repeatedly compromised the blue behind. The left-hander created numerous problems for the newcomer Aarón Martín and also for Rubén. And it is that except for a distant shot from Machís that demanded Rubén, all the rojiblanco danger was caused by Granada on the right wing, through Foulquier and Kenedy.

The yoke of the slates only gave a little after the break. At Celta, Nolito had it shortly after returning from the dressing room. Hugo Mallo served him a perfect ball, but Duarte, very solvent throughout the game, aborted the 0-1 with a providential clearance. The replicas were put by Kenedy, Foulquier and Machís. But Rubén stood his ground under the sticks.

The changes brought vigor, but not lucidity and the game had no other way out than the final 0-0. Yes it gave for the debut of Solari, which left good details. And also to verify the improvement of Montoro, who has already recovered all the stripes in the center of the rojiblanco field. The draw does not satisfy anyone, but it does justice.

Coudet: "The point serves us for the final objective"

Evaluation of the match: "We try to reduce the margin of error because we see that the rivals give us the leading role. We have earned respect and in the last games we had made conceptual mistakes. Granada is a difficult opponent, who is playing Europe, but we are leaving with a not very happy taste because we wanted the three points. We look for them to the end. The point serves us for the final objective. ”

Solari: “He's a player who has a lot of experience and contributed in the final part to pick up the pace and get back to generating. He will adapt and surely the next game will get better. ”

Holsgrove: “He's doing well. At the beginning, it came in half stiff, then it let go and I saw it much better. The reserve team players are going to have to help us. ”

Aarón: “He played a good game in an important individual match against Kenedy, who has a great one on one. He also contributed in attack. ”

Market: “We have not made any players. I don't like talking about personal names during a market that is open. We cannot play with illusions of players. I have no information to give. We are going to have a difficult time looking for Neymar at this moment. Nobody lied to me and I knew with reality that I was going to tell. ”Diego Martínez talks about two months off for Quini

Granada coach Diego Martínez said after the tie (0-0) signed against Celta at the Nuevo Los Cármenes Stadium that he liked his team's game and that it was a clash of few occasions, although theirs had "more" than the rival. "They had more possession at the beginning but without depth, we closed well on the inside. We were letting go more with the ball although we had to choose better in the last meters," he explained. The coach stressed that they finished "the first part better" and that in the second they went "for the game" and there were "very good saves from Rubén Blanco." "It has been a game of few occasions but we have had more of us," said the Granada coach, insisting that his team played "a good game" .

Diego Martínez stressed that they wanted to win but that they added a "very hard work" point against "a high quality rival" who was not allowed to "have fluency" because "the team's concentration was good." The rojiblanco coach thanked Ángel Montoro and the Venezuelan Yangel Herrera because "under normal conditions they should have been changed" and they played the whole game. In addition, he advanced that the side Joaquín Marín 'Quini', who has been injured again, has "at least two months", so they wanted to give him victory although by not achieving it they could only dedicate "a very complete game". EFE

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