Remiro: "We want to leave at least with our heads high"

The Real goalkeeper believes that at Old Trafford they should be back "having given a better image than in the first leg" and does not rule out in that case being able to surprise.


Alex Remiro, Real Sociedad goalkeeper, appeared in the preview of the match against Manchester United at Old Trafford, the second leg of the Europa League round of 32.

-Going out to win in Manchester. "Show your face means go out and do what we know how to do, and show ourselves as we are, not as we did in the first leg. I think that as we have been playing this season, good football without being afraid of anyone we did not recognize ourselves in our way of playing and our style, giving a facelift, showing ourselves, going out to compete and showing our face ".

-Be competitive. "We are going 0-4 and we want to compete and be ourselves and go to the end, anything can happen in a game, we know the difficulty it entails, but inside the dressing room we go with all the desire to be able to achieve it" .

-Defense problems. "The four center-backs that we have are of high level, they have a lot of potential, I feel good playing with them, they are trained, they have different qualities, but I am comfortable playing with them ahead" .

-Reasons for not considering the match a brown. "In the end, this tie is a reward for the work we have been doing these two years, and yes, it is complicated, we were not ourselves, but it is a game in Europe, with Real, and although it is complicated, to give a good image there , compete, have a great game, and if they eliminate us at the end, leave with our heads held high, we have given a better image than in the first leg, and come out stronger to have those qualifying rounds in the future and be able to get there again. "

-Motivation of Imanol. "He has tightened our tires as he always does, each game is vital for us, whatever the competition. He has not let us relax because of the result of the first leg, and he squeezes us to improve the image of the first leg, but as every week ago ".

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