Red Alert for Harry Kane

The English striker receives siren songs from various Premier teams such as his former coach Mauricio Pochettino. Not entering the Champions League, could force Tottenham to sell.


The sporting situation at Tottenham is hot, very hot. For the moment, the board does not question coach José Mourinho but the situation can explode with any spark. His post-match statements don't help: "My methods are incomparable." To the bad run of results: he has eight defeats in the Premier, the last in his visit to West Ham, it is added that the Champions League positions are away (to nine points), staying in ninth place. As if that were not enough, to all this, you can add the soap opera by Harry Kane.

The English forward is next to the South Korean They are the best footballer of the team. He has a contract with the spurs until 2024 but his love for Tottenham's colors is not eternal and if the team's sporting situation does not improve, he would ask President Daniel Levy to leave. Kane wants to win titles and if he doesn't get them at Tottenham he will look for them elsewhere. Not entering the Champions League in the 2021-2022 season would be decisive in Kane's future. And a headache for the Tottenham fans who would see how their star asks to be sold to seek success elsewhere. Tired of wasting time in North London.

Levy and Mourinho already convinced the attacker not to go on the market last summer with the promise of being the flagship of the Tottenham project. "I want to be top," he aired during confinement to pressure the board to move. Now the situation is different and a new hit would make Kane hesitate to continue spur. Kane would force his way out. At 27 years old, he begins to be tired of seeing how other forwards shine in the Champions League and he does not. Top scorer in the Premier twice (2015-2016; 2016-2017) and in the 2018 World Cup, he has only played 24 Champions League games (and scored 20 goals). Very poor baggage for his scoring forward status.

Daniel Levy has put a price on the British and those interested in the English striker should approach € 170M. The two teams from Manchester and former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino's PSG are the clubs with a privileged position on the starting grid to face his hiring. But his great benefits in terms of goals: he has surpassed 20 goals in the last six seasons and in this one he already has 21. Numbers within the reach of very few. They make him a very attractive forward for any club.

Winning the Europa League, Tottenham's salvation

Faced with the difficult qualification in the domestic competition, the Europa League looms as the lifeline of the Champions runner-up in 2019. Mourinho could follow the formula he used with Manchester United in 2017. With The Reds conquered the European competition and helped them to qualify for the Champions League for the next edition, which was an economic respite for the Red Devils. Going to the Champions League via Europa League is now much more feasible for Tottenham than via Premier.

Tottenham passed over Wolfsberger (1-4) and has a foot and a half in the second round. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fight for a European title that has been resisting the spurs since 1984. And the perfect way to satisfy Kane's hunger for titles. The other, the EFL Cup final against City on April 25.

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