PSG threatens Madrid and Mbappé with the 'Formula Rabiot'

He refused to transfer to the medium in the summer of 2018 after rejecting all renewal offers. Although Mbappé would not send him to the stands, as if he did with Rabiot.


Real Madrid is waiting impatiently for the events surrounding Mbappé, an interest that has skyrocketed in recent hours after the Frenchman's hat-trick at the Camp Nou against Barcelona. The idea of the white team was always to attack the signing this summer, when the forward only has one year left on his contract (it ends in June 2022) with PSG, although the pandemic and its economic consequences have sabotaged that plan to a large extent, but Likewise, Madrid will bet if there is a possibility for Mbappé to be the cornerstone of its next project.

On paper, the plan makes sense: one year after the end of the contract and after Mbappé had rejected several renewal offers, PSG would be forced to put it on the market given the possibility that it will leave in June 2022 for free, without leaving one euro in the box at the Parc des Princes. It's the same tactic he used with Courtois and Hazard to get them out of Chelsea, with success in both cases. However, PSG will be much tougher to peel in that regard.

The idea of the Parisian club is not to negotiate with anyone for Mbappé, whom it considers to be at the same level as Neymar in importance within the team (in fact, it wants to match him in salary with the Brazilian, who earns 36 million clean per season) and force him to finish your contract. That is, apply the 'Rabiot Formula' that he already carried out with the French media, now in Juventus.

Rabiot repeatedly rejected PSG's renewal offers during the 2017-18 season and in the first leg of the 2018-19; His intention was to finish his contract and change his scene, benefiting from an operation without transfer costs that would bring him a juicy transfer bonus and a first-rate salary. The tension between the player's mother and agent reached such a point that Rabiot ended up punished without being called up during the last six months of his contract with PSG. When it finished, he went to Juventus with Cristiano.

In the case of Mbappé, PSG threatens Madrid and the footballer with doing the same, although it is not within the plans to leave the striker in the stands if he does not agree to renew his contract with the Parisian club. The hope of PSG is that Mbappé signs an extension of their bond that contemplates at some point an exit in case the striker wants to leave Paris in the future; but not this coming summer, as it is imperative for PSG to do a good job in Europe for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar (the French club is owned by Qatar) .

PSG, a "golden prison"

It is a new sign that PSG is a bad rival when it comes to a confrontation like the one that Mbappé may experience in the coming months. Several players in the past have tried unsuccessfully out; the general feeling is that there is no way to soften the French club in any way, since the economic amounts offered do not seduce them. Neymar, without going any further, tried to go out in recent years, first to Madrid and then to Barcelona, and there was no way.

There are other cases in the past, curiously always with Barcelona as the protagonist. The culé club tried to sign the central Marquinhos when he was not even a starter, since the heads of the rear were David Luiz and Thiago Silva; PSG refused. And above all, with Verratti, a very Barcelona-style midfielder whom the Barça club tried to sign on several occasions, always without luck. In conversation with 'El Larguero' from Cadena SER, Gerard Piqué summed up the situation well: "We told Neymar when he told us that he was leaving for PSG that he was going to a golden prison."

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