Problems for Madrid: Taylor and Garuba, KO 4 days before the Cup

The Swedish forward hurt himself jumping and had to ask for the change. And, minutes later, the Spanish pivot put his hand on his right gluteus.


The Madrid derby could have been expensive for Real Madrid. Jeff Taylor had to request the change in the third quarter on a play with Avramovic in which there was no contact. A bad gesture and to the bench where the Madrid doctors treated the back of his left leg.

Minutes later it was Usman Garuba who went to the bench also limping and with a split lip. In his case, it seemed that the discomfort was in the right gluteus, possibly some muscle problem. Neither of them played again. "They are things more muscular than anything else," Pablo Laso explained after the victory (65-79). "Neither of us could go on, but hopefully it's nothing."

And all this just four days before the start of the Copa del Rey. On Thursday (9:30 pm) Laso's men have an appointment with Valencia Basket. Carroll, who has been out for a week due to a sprained ankle, returned right in the Madrid derby in which neither Sergio Llull nor Rudy Fernández were present (as a precaution since they drag some discomfort). Without Randolph for the remainder of the season (Achilles tendon rupture), the white team is waiting for Laprovittola who has just overcome COVID-19. The Argentine tested positive on January 23rd.

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