"The players are scared, they don't want the ball"

Jermaine Jenas, former Tottenham, charges against Spur's performance against Chelsea. Ferdinand accuses them of a lack of "personality" and "character" without Kane.


Tuchel's Chelsea wins and, little by little, convinces. Unlike a soulless Tottenham when Harry Kane is absent. The London derby on Thursday was the best example. A penalty converted by Jorginho did justice to what was exposed about the Spur stadium. A 0-1 that represents the second defeat in the two meetings of Mou and his men without their great star. Out of European places, eighth, after the great start to the season, the analyzes of this game downturn have not been long in coming and Jermaine Jenas, former Tottenham, and Rio Ferdinand, former United, have shared their opinions on 'BT Sport '' about the current moment of the coach team for that of Setúbal.

"There is no plan, that is the problem. I see the players and they are scared, they do not want the ball. That is the biggest crime you can commit as a footballer," Jenas pointed out. "Another serious problem is body language, it is shocking. Serge Aurier standing there, doing nothing. Vinicius, do you want to help between the lines and run? No, too much waiting and watching. The players are not interested," he concluded. It must be remembered that Vinicius was before his great opportunity, as it was his first Premier match in the starting eleven. But he didn't take advantage of Kane's injury ...

While Ferdinand followed a similar line. "It was an aimless performance. Nothing. Without personality," the excentral began. "If Kane doesn't play, the personality completely disappears from the team. There is no confidence. There is no character. There is no leader. No one runs the team. Whether it's the players or the coach who needs to lead right now. I think it's a combination of both. We saw him against Brighton last week and Brighton seemed like the team that played the Champions League. It is worrying, "he added."They have no idea what to do with the ball"

The situation is not critical, since they have Liverpool, fourth, seven points behind and have one game less, but the feelings are not positive. "They are not far from the Champions League in terms of scoring, but the way they are playing lately is worrying," continued a Ferdinand who ended his speech with the following sentence: "This Tottenham and José are fortunate that there are no fans in stadiums. They would have been booed. It was very poor (...). The Spurs were just waiting for Son to create something at some point. There is no method behind, no pattern of play. They are like a team that has no idea what to do with the ball ".

The other point of contention of the party was Gareth Bale. The Welshman was not a starter, as has been customary in the Premier, and, despite warming up for many minutes, Mourinho decided to ignore him when making the changes. After the crash, the Portuguese was questioned about it and decided to 'look the other way' and not respond. Whether or not the 'Bale case', it seems that the labyrinth in which the Welshman finds himself is becoming more and more sinuous ...

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