Piqué forces Font to retract

The candidate for the Barça elections used a video of the center-back speaking with Ibai. He asked him to delete it and not use it for his benefit.


Gerard Piqué spoke yesterday with Ibai Llanos about the Barcelona elections, the candidates and the past stage of Josep María Bartomeu. The central did not position himself for any of the applicants, but he did urge to look to the future and request the participation of a Blaugrana partner. His speech was used today by Víctor Font on his Twitter account, something that the footballer did not like at all, who asked him to delete the publication.

Víctor Font resorted to the following statement: "It is time to look to the future. The past is only good for learning from mistakes." Piqué quickly interacted with the publication: "Victor, with all due respect, these words have nothing to do with what the tweet is trying to convey. I beg you to delete it and not use my image for your benefit. Thank you."

The candidate did not bother or, at least, did not reflect it in the answer he had about one of the captains of the first team. Font deleted his initial post and referred to the player like this: "Gerard, we have used this reflection of yours because it is in the same line of thought. We did not want to create any problems for you. We deleted it. We hope to see you again soon on the field. A hug ".

Piqué's complete statement on the elections:

"The three candidates are competent. Whoever comes out will do well. I hope that the partner, within the limitations, can vote. We must look to the future, looking at the past only serves to correct mistakes. Those of us who are partners vote. I don't know how many partners we are in the team ".

Bartomeu's memory:

"It was a difficult situation. A president, at least as I see it, should try to manage the club in such a way that decisions can be made and solved when there are problems. When you don't, a mountain is created. Problems do not solve themselves, but you have to take the bull by the horns. There were times when more leadership was needed, to show your face. I have always had a kind and cordial treatment with him. As a person I don't think he has evil , although he must have the skills to lead a liner. I have had experiences of things that you do not understand, that he is superior to you. Misunderstandings, problems are created ... Little by little the issue grows and it jumped into the air. Many times I told him to come to the Sports City, that we had to talk. And he didn't show up ".

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