Pepe Mel: "We are moving away from relegation, which is what matters"

The Madrilenian values tonight's victory from the pragmatism that characterizes him, considering that "in the end what matters is winning."

After three consecutive defeats, the yellows return to the path of victory against Cartagena, after a brilliant start in which they went ahead by two goals to zero, in just over 20 minutes, so they breathe calmly again in the table and, how could it be otherwise, the insular coach has been happy in the press conference after the game stating that “we have managed to manage the rhythm against an opponent who had to win, so I think we have done a good game. ”

In addition to this, he answered the following questions in the press conference after the meeting:

Match Rating

“Today the ups and downs of the game have been in our favor because we got a penalty in favor and then the second goal with a good ball out. In this match, at the beginning, we have been faced with. I think we have known how to suffer and maintain the result. We knew how to manage the pace against an opponent who had to win, so I think we played a good game. We have been intense, without giving any gifts, maintaining an order that gave us stability and I think that we have achieved that with the two lines of four that have worked well and then, in addition, I think that we have been in the game at all times " .

Substitution of Araujo at halftime

“He told me that he was very tired, muscularly he looked bad and, between the card and that the footballer was not very well, it was absurd for him to continue. The best thing was to book it and put a partner, that's what we have done. It is appreciated that a player, when he is not well, says so, because if he was silent, it would have been worse, it would have hurt us. He has done a first part, he has helped us, with the card it was already limited, it was not seen and the best option was to put a partner ”.Who is the UD penalty taker?

The pitcher for this team if he is on the field is Maikel Mesa. It already happened in the match against Albacete. If he is not there and Álvaro Lemos is there, the Galician is responsible. If, like the day of Leganés, you have a problem, the third is Aridai and so on. In that aspect we do not have any problem.

Happy with this version of the UD?

“When we win we think if we are happy with the version or not. In the end, what matters is winning. We try to do our best. I think we are a recognizable team on the pitch and we usually have a structure of play that we usually do. ”

Pejiño Party

“With the participation of Pejiño, the more players the better because he is one of the players who is capable of making that play and that goal, therefore, having Pejiño is one more solution that we have on the field. In that aspect, we are happy. ”

Minutes of Jesé

“We have given Jesé minutes because we think we have to introduce him, since there is nothing better than giving minutes in a game that you are winning. The minutes come in handy. He is happy and, now, to continue preparing the Castellón match. ”

Party Avatars

“Soccer is this. Unfortunately, I say this because for professionals it is a disgrace, since if they looked at other things, surely many of the coaches who quit would not stop them. Here what counts are the results. For me, a very acceptable first half that Almería did not even shoot on goal in 45 minutes, they were annoyed by a penalty in 45 and a half. Today the opposite happened. In football you never know. The matches are a melon and until you open them you do not know what is going to happen. To continue with enthusiasm, looking up. We are moving away from the descent, which is what matters. Now, to prepare for the Castellón game. ”


“My obsession at halftime was for the players not to talk to the referee and to keep going. It is not worth discussing a play that has already been called, so the break is to refresh and prepare for the second half. The referee understands it as I do. This is the referees thing is the usual thing. When you feel disadvantaged, you usually complain and when you feel favored you don't. I think there have been many games in which we, because they have not succeeded, the referee has not been well and today I believe that the penalty does not deserve discussion and that Eric's disallowed goal is well disallowed. So there is nothing to say. The referee has conducted the game correctly. ”

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