Pellegrini confesses that it was the 'second plate' of the City

In an interview with The Athletic, the Chilean coach remembers how his signing for the English took place when Guardiola signed for Bayern.


Manuel Pellegrini has given an interview in The Athletic where he assesses his sporting career, from his current stage at Betis to some details of his stay in Manchester and how his transfer to the English took place when Pep Guardiola signed for Bayern Munich.

Without fans: "Not having fans in the stadiums is the worst thing when you train West Ham or Betis. They don't have the money of the big clubs but they do have a lot of people behind them, working people. Behind the glamor of London, that is what West Ham feels like. On every street you cross in London there are people showing their 'hammers' symbols and shouting your name and wanting a photo. Something similar happens with Betis. They are one of the most popular teams in Spain and when you live in Seville you realize ".

La Liga vs Premier League: "England has the best league in the world. Everyone has the money to sign good footballers and the organization is perfect. Also, the fields are in magnificent condition and it doesn't matter if it's Liverpool or Arsenal against a team of League Two because the stadium will be full. People are behind their hometown team. Perhaps in Spain the technical level is higher, we have had Cristiano or Messi and the best team in Europe for many years. But in England the speed of the The game is higher. You can go down 3-0 with five minutes to go and you can't give up because the fans won't accept it. "

Will you train again in the Premier? "I don't know. My career started 36 years ago, a long time. I have had many options before and after West Ham, but I will be almost 70 when my contract ends here. I feel young and want to be as successful as I can in these three seasons. I'm happy ".

City's level in the Champions League: "Before I arrived, City did not reach the qualifiers and fell in the group stage. In 2016 we reached the semifinal against Real Madrid and it was decided by an own goal. I'm sure that this year, and if not very soon, City will win the Champions League ".

Signed for City: "When I met with City for the first time (in 2013), they told me that they had worked with Guardiola at Barcelona and that they wanted to work with him at City. They also explained to me that he was in the United States and that if I wanted to sign for City, I would. If not, there would be no coaching casting because I would be the coach. So Pep decided to sign for Bayern and the next day City called me saying they wanted to talk to me. After three years I finished. my contract and Pep ended his. I left City with a very good relationship ".

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