Pedri, a gold mine for Unión Deportiva Las Palmas

He was transferred to Barça for an initial five million euros. The excellent performance it is offering raises that number to, for now, ten.


Las Palmas surprised when, in the summer of 2019, he gave a professional record to a kid who was barely 16 years old. They spoke wonders at Pedri González's club. So much so that a couple of training sessions were enough to captivate Pepe Mel. "Here is one who is a millionaire and does not know it," said the Madrid coach in full preseason in Cádiz.

Pedri's performance crossed borders and Barça, a watchful eye, took over his services. But Las Palmas had been ahead of the game, forcing the entity then chaired by Bartomeu to go through the box. Such was the trust they placed in the Camp Nou in the Las Palmas youth squad, a native of Tegueste (Tenerife), that they agreed to a transfer for five million, an unprecedented figure for someone who was only a youth and who had not played a single minute not even in the Second Division, where his immediate future with the Gran Canaria entity passed.

Rocco Maiorino occupied the Sports Department of Las Palmas, and managed to agree on the aforementioned starting price for five million euros. However, that transfer contract, which included a loan for a season on the island, included different clauses and bonuses for objectives achieved by Pedri during his stay at Barça. At the moment, alongside Koeman, he has played 20 league games and has been called up with the U21 team. Every minute played with the Barça team counts, which translates into huge profits for the Unión Deportiva, which at the moment could have 'scratched' up to 10 million for Pedri, a figure that could reach up to 25-30 million. Thus, the island club could get paid up to six million if Pedri plays at least 25 official matches and 45 minutes at least in each of them, a figure that sounds ridiculous a little less since the beginning of this season.

Pedri currently has a termination clause of 400 million euros, and Las Palmas has a 15% capital gain in view of a possible future transfer of the Tenerife attacker during his contract in Barcelona, set until 2024. Likewise, if Pedri were summoned by the senior team, which seems to be about to fall, the UDLP would also get their share. A round business that will continue to generate profits for the Atlantic club despite being so far from Granada, where Barça will play tomorrow. And Pedri, once again, will be Messi's best partner.

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