Pau Gasol plays extra time

The pivot returns home to Barça 20 years later, practically free. It is not money that he is looking for, but to say goodbye to his height at the Games.


Last Thursday he posted a video with various actions in attack, accompanied by the following caption: "Every week stronger and with better feelings." The echo of that hopeful phrase echoed this Saturday with the news, great news, of his return to professional basketball. Pau Gasol returns home, to Barça, 20 years after his departure to the NBA. His goal is to feel like a player again, but above all to give himself a chance to play the Tokyo Olympics, his fifth and last Games. For this he has knocked on a friendly door, that of the club of his origins. Here he will meet again with Mirotic, with whom he played for the Chicago Bulls. And with the coach Jasikevicius and the manager Nacho Rodríguez, who were his teammates in that victorious Barcelona in 2001. Gasol reaches the limit of the closing of the Euroleague market, on February 24, and will play practically for free, for a very distant amount to your history. But it is not money that Pau has been looking for, but to have a farewell at his height, to be able to play that extension that the postponement of Tokyo 2020 has granted him.

The event is great news for multiple reasons. It is for Gasol, who will once again compete in a great team at the highest level. It is for Barça, which recovers one of its icons. It is for the ACB, which raises its dimension. It is for the Euroleague, for the same reason. It is for the National Team, which will open its arms to its leader in recent years. It is for Tokyo, who recruits another star. And it is for Spanish sport, which does not forget its heroes. That said, we have to wish him luck, good luck, because no one is aware that Pau Gasol has not played for two years due to his serious injury to his left foot, since March 2019, and has already reached 40. The requirement in Barça will be stratospheric, almost as big as in the NBA. Your willpower and the affection that this house professes for you must become your best weapons.

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