Operation Mbappé: the pro Madrid clause is the best solution

The most direct environment of the star returns to take up this idea that they already considered at the beginning of the pandemic, but which is not the ideal one for Madrid.

The idea of ending up renewing with PSG with a clause that would allow him to go to Madrid (or any other big one) for a certain amount of money in the future has gained strength in recent weeks in the most direct environment of Mbappé. As AS has learned from sources close to the star, this is an idea that was already considered at the beginning of the pandemic, when Leonardo was already launching offers to extend his contract and the situation, with the competitions completely stopped, was one of maximum instability.

Mbappé is going to debate these months, even before the European Championship, which is when he wants to have his future resolved, between the gold offered by PSG, capable of matching his contract to the 37 million net per season that Neymar (the Parisian, at 22, he is now at 21 million) or fulfill his dream of wearing the Madrid shirt. As is known and recently recalled by Jesé, when he was 17 years old and at the Monaco academy, Mbappé was a huge fan of the white team and had his bedroom lined with Cristiano posters.

It is evidence that Real Madrid is going through many economic difficulties due to the wage bill it has accumulated (448 million fixed expenses per season), the stadium loan (it has already taken 100 million, in June it will take another 275 that will go to its debt and in June 2022, another 200), and by the fall in income (now, of 617 million). Mbappe is no stranger to these difficulties and, on the other side of the scale, is the economic might of the state of Qatar. The best solution for him is that intermediate, sign a great contract with PSG and wait a couple of years for Madrid to recover financially. Madrid was sure that the accounts were coming out with the French, but now they need, at least, that the staff lower their salary by 25%.

However, for Real Madrid this option would make the player considerably more expensive. Of course, if I did not have the economic muscle this summer to hire him, at least it would be a sign of hope to sign him in the short-term future. The problem is that, in that case of exercising a predetermined clause, it would always be high, perhaps above the 222 million that PSG paid for Neymar when in reality Madrid's estimate is that in the summer of 2021 the player, with Just one more year of contract at the Parc des Princes, it could have cost around 150 million euros.

Regarding salary, in no case will he be able to increase the net 21 million that Mbappé now charges at PSG because his salary cap is at the 15 net that Hazard and Bale receive. The French star would have to come to the white entity, in all cases, losing money, although Madrid could compensate part of that difference by giving him a higher percentage of image rights, a practice that the entity has already been doing with the last greats signings (Cristiano, Hazard, Bale ...) .

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