Oltra opens at Fuenlabrada before the 'coco' Umar Sadiq

Almería arrives at Fernando Torres in a clear upward line. Fuenlabrada, for its part, wants to break the streak of draws with a new coach.


The 192 centimeters high of a Umar Sadiq married to the goal, eleven this season, will not take all the spotlights in Almería's visit to Fernando Torres (follow the game live on As.com). It happens that Fuenlabrada has a new coach, José Luis Oltra, after Sandoval's dismissal this week. Difficult debut for the Valencian against one of the most fit teams in the category.

New coach, but same problems in the south of Madrid. The infirmary is still full and only Iribas returns to the call after serving a sanction. However, Oltra already warned at a press conference that "at the beginning, it will be a recognizable Fuenlabrada, but with my particular stamp." A momentary return to 4-2-3-1 and the usual names waiting for the 'míster' to outline his eleven type, already hoping to have all his players.

Almería coach José Gomés, for his part, has kept his letters until the last minute, with both Nikola Maras, fresh from his injury, and Schettine, already exercising with the group after signing at the beginning of the week. Everything indicates that the Balkan will return to the eleven after missing the last two league commitments to the detriment of Ivanildo Fernandes. Fundamental for the rojiblancos interests will be the balance that Samu Costa and Morlanes provide in a gala eleven that returns today to seek to attack direct promotion for the first time this season.

KEYWORDS Pundonor azulón

Altra warned at a press conference that the Azulón fan will see a "Fuenlabrada competitive and supportive in the effort". From there, you must begin to build the new tenant of the Torres bench.

Indálica concentration

The rojiblanco team arrives aware for today's appointment after reserving all the starters in the quarterfinals of the Cup against Sevilla.

Direct play kiriko

Oltra's teams have been characterized by being offensive as well as direct. In Fuenlabreña squad, you have the weapons to develop this game.

Pegada from Almeria

Those from Gomes will play will have their greatest weapon in Sadiq: they have scored a dozen goals in their last eight league games.

ASES TO FOLLOW Ibán Salvador

'Right eye' with Sandoval. With the arrival of Oltra, he could see how his role in the Torres team varies.

Samu Costa

The Portuguese midfielder returns to ownership after his break in the Cup. Capital, his partner with Morlanes.

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