Odegaard also succumbs to a City that smells of champion

Sterling's goal in minute 2 sentenced the clash against Arteta's team. Guardiola's men add 18 consecutive victories and distance second-placed Leicester by 10 points.


When the skyblue tsunami knocks on their doors, teams have two options: let go or try to resist. Either way, what is certain is that they believe that it will take them ahead. With that fear, that respect nailed in the forehead like a mantra, Arsenal jumped onto the field in their match against Manchester City, and, with fear, in football it is very likely that you will score a goal in the first minute of the game as It ended up happening to him. Even Odegaard, who looked like he was helping the Gunners make that leap in quality they needed, couldn't get his fist on the table. One thing is improvement, but against these citizens, who have 10 points of advantage over the second and 19 over the previous champion, Arteta's men still cannot compete.

And that left the feeling that, if they had not played with fear, things could have happened. Sterling's header at 2 minutes after a fantastic center from Mahrez portrayed the defense, who left the often English footballer alone on the balcony of the small area, but it is difficult to blame one team when it faces another that has won the 18 games that have been played since last December 19. Guardiola's men, who have only conceded 6 goals during this winning streak, have barely lost two games throughout the season.

Spectacular numbers that were reflected in the job with which City, who knew that Arsenal were a tough nut to crack, managed to manage a game in which they had to leave the stamp that is worth it to make it clear that they are going for all in this Premier, and, who knows, if also in the Champions League.

Photos from as.com
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