Nteka supports Fuenlabrada in the battle against Girona

Fuenlabrada and Girona sign the tables but not peace in a match marked by the fouls of the visitors (23) and a Nteka who was an angel and a devil for his team.


Torres continues to be a wasteland for the interests of Fuenlabrada, who could only draw their usual draw against a Girona who put on the 'work overalls' during the ninety minutes of this duel with the aroma and flavor of the classic Second Division football, that of the fight and contact.

The game started with the two teams wanting to reach the rival area as soon as possible as if nerves and impatience had taken over both from the exit of the changing room tunnel. It happens that in these moments is where experience gains the most value and Stuani has experience in abundance. In the 7th minute, Nteka crashed a corner of his own into Belman's goal posts, whose refusal accommodated Stuani to attend a Bárcenas who made the nerves of the 'ten azulón' gift for his team. The winger showed it to the Parisian who committed a penalty 'too' simple for the referee, despite the intervention of the VAR. Stuani, who has already scored four goals against the azulones, did not miss and put his team ahead.

The goal enraged those of José Luis Oltra who began the siege of Juan Carlos's goal with 'catapults' at the head of the always omnipresent Randy Nteka. Meanwhile, little or nothing in attack by a Girona that blocked the game based on fouls. The engine room of both sets, in search and capture by default.

Already with the pitch clearly inclined towards the visitor's goal, the Fuenlabrada goal still did not arrive. The effervescent Feuillassier had it, from less to more in the duel, on two occasions and Kanté and Nteka also had a very clear double chance. Only Monchu and Juan Carlos prevented the equalizer.

Little could be attributed to the first part of Oltra's pupils who deserved the draw. On the contrary, Girona disappeared with the goal in favor so he dedicated himself to scratching the clock and a little rival leg.

The second act began with another tone. Girona, knowing that it could not hold the score with what was seen in the first half, tried to get the ball. Difficult mission against a Fuenlabrada who bit into each ball and who returned to warn in the 49th minute. Feuillassier was close to scoring the equalizer goal, but a brilliant defensive action from Calavera shattered Azulona's joy.

It was in the 60th minute that Girona began to appear offensively in the game. Franquesa and Monchu touched the second goal for Girona but Belman or a few centimeters deprived both of the goal. Oltra wanted to quickly cut the good moment of Franciso's and quickly took all the gunpowder to the field. Garcés, Pinchi and Pol Valentín, by Jano, Feuillassier and Iribas.

The changes of the azulón coach took ten minutes to take effect to the joy of the azulona parish and the disgrace of the rojiblanca. The usual and doing what he does best put the tie for Fuenlabrada in 70 '. Nteka, who had left the front of the attack to enter the engine room, came from the second row to place the ball in the goal strain. Unattainable for Juan Carlos, unstoppable Nteka. The Parisian is the most fit player of a Fuenlabrada and only he could make up for his mistake in the first half.

If we all thought that the game would die with the goal of the locals, the twenty-two protagonists decided otherwise. Girona went for the three points and Fuenlabrada did not want to stop their siege of Juan Carlos' domains. This caused a real 'correcalles' where locals and visitors had several clear plays. Only a brutal blow from Belman to his teammate Pol Valentín that left the side off the pitch could put an end to this shooting without a final prize for any of the contenders.

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