Neymar's father responds to Dupraz: "You have to cry, but not because of what you think"

Through his social networks, the player's father has come to his defense, after a new attack by the Caen coach.


In yesterday afternoon the worst news for PSG was confirmed. Neymar misses the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Barça after an action with Yago, Caen defender. Despite confirming that the Brazilian's lamentations were well founded, shortly afterwards Dupraz, a Caen coach who had already called the striker a crybaby, once again attacked him.

Before so much attack on the player, his father has not hesitated to come to his defense and attack harshly not only the rival coach: "My son has to cry, but not because of what he imagines, my lord. In my opinion, he has to cry for coaches like you, referees of that level, negligent and silent leagues, journalists in the majority partial and cowards in sport ... ", said Neymar Sr. on Instagram.

"Yes, he has to cry. But our cry and his, my son's, the athlete's, the magic of football will last only one night and then he will get up, as he always does, to beat them," he added. blunt.

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