New plan with the galactics

The club is no longer prepared to compete economically with other greats in Europe, and will try to convince the next big star with other weapons.


Real Madrid has been the great dominator of the transfer market for much of the 21st century. Since the arrival of Florentino Pérez to the presidency in 2000, both in his first and second stages, the club's financial capacity has been the key to signing the best players in the world. Figo (60 million euros), Zidane (77) and Ronaldo (45) first, and later, Cristiano (94), Kaká (67) or Bale (101) arrived at the blow of the checkbook, turning the white team into the tyrant From the market. However, money is no longer an asset.

The state clubs (PSG, financed by Qatar, and Manchester City, by the United Arab Emirates) have become the new millionaires of world football, inflating signings to levels never seen before. The Parisians have starred in the two most expensive additions in history (222 million for Neymar and 145 for Mbappé), while the English team has spent more than 400 million in the last three years. To this must be added the economic power that the Premier League has gained in recent years thanks to television rights.

The construction of the new Bernabéu (500 million of expenses) in addition to the losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic have only accentuated the difference, although the club expects to clean up the accounts in a period of one or two years. All this has caused Madrid to stay in a second step in this regard. What seems obvious is that you can no longer dominate the market with your wallet and you will have to look for alternatives to make large additions.

A galactic for the new Bernabéu

Madrid will fight to sign a great star in the next market. The two names on the table are Mbappé and Haaland. The first has an estimated value of 180 million, according to the specialized website Transfermarkt. The second, 110, although everything indicates that it will rise a lot before July. Figures that the white team cannot reach. However, you have an alternative plan to sign them. Aware that they cannot reach certain amounts, Madrid will ask either of them to make an effort.

If before the conviction came from money, now Madrid choose to convince from the project. The new Santiago Bernabéu is the claim he uses to attract great players. Either of the two will be the headliner in the renovated stadium, and they will enjoy a long-term contract with conditions in accordance with their figure. Both will be leaders of the young project raised for years. Veterans who are still sane like Casemiro, Kroos or Varane will be mixed with the incorporation of young promises like Rodrygo, Odegaard or Valverde. The idea is that in a few years most of them settle in the first team with Haaland or Mbappé as differential players.

In return, Madrid need to lower the purchase price as much as possible. For this reason he needs Mbappé to force an exit or wait until 2022, the year his contract ends. In Haaland's case, I would ask him to enforce a clause in his contract that obliges Borussia Dortmund to facilitate his departure. In addition, he would take advantage of his good relationship with the German team to have priority in his hiring.

Another of the tricks used by the club, more common, is having constant contact with the environment of the players. Without going any further, Zidane, idol of most of the players of this new generation, regularly communicates with Mbappé and from the board they speak with his father periodically. The same goes for Haaland. They are both fully aware of Real Madrid's interest and are delighted with it.

In a few months it will be determined whether the plan has worked. The money will be important, but Madrid knows that they cannot cement the negotiation on it and that they will have to use other weapons to convince the stars.

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