Nets set the West on fire

Brooklyn team's sixth straight win, eighth against teams from the other conference. Irving and Harden, even without Durant, continue to impress.


It is already a reality. The Brooklyn Nets are fearsome, a basketball team capable of anything, of beating anyone. They still have their weak points that they will try to correct before the market closes at the end of March. Doing so will only make the outlook for the other 29 NBA franchises even worse. Because right now, and with the permission of a record-breaking Utah Jazz, it can be said that the Nets are the best team in the league.

Tonight they beat the Los Angeles Clippers for the second time in a month. They did it with a frightening superiority. It is true that the result was very fair because the Angelenos almost culminated an impossible comeback in the last quarter. Between Paul George and Ivica Zubac they combined to score 20 points in a row that left the score 99-103, after the visitors started the last 12 minutes like a shot and took 12 up. Shortly after, the Clippers were to equalize the score at 108 with two free throws by Kawhi Leonard with 28 seconds remaining. In the last plays of the game, an offensive rebound plus a basket from DeAndre Jordan and an offensive foul called Kawhi would decide the duel.

All that was like that, but everything that happened before was the domain of a team that has been coupled in record time and that did not have its best player (Kevin Durant) for the fourth consecutive night. That has happened to the Nets in the middle of a tour of the West, and you know what it takes for Eastern teams to regularly win against opponents from the other conference. Perhaps that is the definitive proof that we are not before the flower of a day with this team. Because with this victory the Nets have won their last eight games against Western conference teams, the last five on a tour that can already be considered historic. Because an Eastern team didn't win five straight games in the other conference halls since the 2010 Chicago Bulls.

All this without Durant, but with a James Harden who seems to have been playing in Brooklyn all his life. The point guard, because that's what La Barba plays in his new team, he controls absolutely everything on the pitch. He is the owner and lord of the game of his team, which plays what he dictates. Last night he signed his 77th double-double of more than 35 points (37 and 11 rebounds, with 7 assists), the second with the most active, one of LeBron James. Alongside him, Kyrie Irving (28 points, 8 assists) is also at the best of his career. In the two meetings they have played with the Clippers, both with many plays in the clutch time, the two have scored in those decisive minutes 23 points for the 14 of the entire rival team. An outrage.

As is also outrageous that last night they surpassed the Clippers 60-38 in points in the paint. But it is that these Nets are less and less what some expected, a conjunction of stars without a collective game and defensive holes everywhere, and they are more and more a basketball team. Of the serious ones and with three stars on the payroll working together. Or two, as in these last games. So far the Big Three have only met on the court seven times, but that does not prevent the Nets' record against the 14 best teams in the NBA from being 12-2, and going 6-1 in their games against the Lakers, Clippers , Jazz, Bucks and Sixers. Some Sixers that only take half a victory for the leadership of the East. The alarms have gone off. A monster is on the loose in the NBA.

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