Nadal loses insurance

If Djokovic wins his ninth title at the Australian Open, he will reach his 18th Grand Slam. If the winner is Medvedev, he will snatch number two from Rafa.


We already have finals of the Australian Open. This Saturday, Naomi Osaka against Jennifer Brady, with clear favoritism for the Japanese, who has already won three Grand Slams, who in this edition has stopped Serena Williams on the way, who watered with tears the impossibility of aspiring to her 24th major, already Garbiñe Muguruza, who in perspective is the tennis player who has tightened the Japanese the most. And on Sunday, Novak Djokovic against Daniiel Medvedev, a train wreck between the player with the most titles in Melbourne versus the one with the best streak in the ATP. Indeed, the number one has won eight times here, the eight finals he has played, and has made Australia his benchmark major, just as Roland Garros is Rafa Nadal's farmland, and Wimbledon is Roger Federer's garden. . With the winners in hand, and out of respect for the stripes, the Serbian is the top candidate, but on top of it comes the most fit player on the circuit. Medvedev has 20 consecutive victories, with the titles in the Masters and the ATP Cup as a harvest, and with solvent victories against top-10 players, including Nadal and Djokovic himself. The Russian is in machine mode.

And what then does Nadal paint in the headline of this column? As it turns out that on Sunday, whoever wins the final wins, the Spanish will be hurt for one reason or another. If Djokovic wins his ninth title in Australia, he will also reach his 18th Grand Slam, thus placing two of the 20 crowns held by Nadal and Federer at the top of world tennis. For a long time, you know, the members of the Big Three do not compete only for a specific tournament, but they do it to sit on the throne of the best in history. If, on the contrary, Medvedev opts for victory on his side, he will rise to number two in the world ranking to the detriment of the Balearic. So Rafa will lose for sure, whatever happens. Although, given the choice, it may be better to preserve a reign that transcends the times.

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