Much drink and little party

"Damn, man, it doesn't seem like it's going to be the Cup," a countryman from Vitoria told his friend Pablo Laso. Without an audience we'll feel strange.


"Damn, man, it doesn't seem like it's going to be the Cup," a countryman from Vitoria recently told his friend Pablo Laso. And in the capital of Alava they know very well what the Cup is, because Baskonia can boast One of the best fans in Spain, perhaps the best, always faithful to the tournament. Last year they did not qualify and it was well noticed in Malaga, although the fans of the other teams did not disappoint either. The Copa del Rey is a party. That will be the first impact that we will receive this Thursday in the final phase of Madrid, the lack of color in the stands and in the streets. Unfortunately, the pandemic has already got us used to that freezing environment, to the background sound of players, who We didn't listen before. But the Cup is the Cup. And no matter how much habit we have, we will feel strange.

Laso himself will be one of the great protagonists at the start, because from the first match he will come out, win or lose against Valencia, as the coach with the most games in the history of Real Madrid: 735, one more than Lolo Sainz. The best celebration would be to continue advancing until the final on Sunday, which could well be a Clásico, to try to lift his 21st title in ten years, which would also be his seventh Cup. The icing on the cake for a Madrid-Barça would come loaded with morbid of the eternal rivalry of both, because it would be presented as the reissue of the Instant Replay final, two years ago, although without that rise in decibels from the public in the stands, the same shouting that deafened Nikola Mirotic on his return to the WiZink Center . The forecasts, however, do not point to a coronation of Laso or to a revenge for that defeat. On the contrary, the ACB poll gives Barça the winner and Mirotic MVP. "I don't care, for me the favorite is always Madrid," says the Vitorian. And his 20 titles endorse him. This is the Cup, even if there is no party. And magic is written on the court.

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