Morata de Tajuña takes the first steps to host its circuit

This has been confirmed to Efe by the mayor, Ángel Sánchez, who assures that this speed circuit "excites" both the City Council and the neighbors.


Morata de Tajuña plans to have a new approved circuit at the beginning of 2023 to host speed competitions of all types of vehicles and in any of their categories, both nationally and internationally, such as the Formula 1 or Moto GP world championships.

This is a project of the private company Streammotorfire, which has bought the land known as 'Calera de Anselmo', in which it will invest around twelve million euros, in two phases.

This has been confirmed to Efe by the mayor, Ángel Sánchez, who assures that this speed circuit "excites" both the City Council and the neighbors - although he acknowledges that there are "skeptics" -, because they believe that it will "give life" to the town "every day of the year" .

The councilor also believes that it will mean a "turning point" for employment and the economy of the entire southeast region, and of the Community of Madrid as a whole, because it will entail the construction of shops, hotels and restaurants, among other locations.

Because it is a "very advantageous and very important project for the future of Morata", this same afternoon, at 8:00 pm, its "public and social interest" for the town will be voted on in an extraordinary plenary session.

It is a merely symbolic act, but it will show that "the entire municipality is interested in the plan", something that the motoring federations and some departments of the regional government have already transferred, according to the mayor.

The circuit will have around 34 hectares for the first phase, although it is planned to add another 60, with parking lots and hotels, among other endowments.

The company has already requested the construction license from the City Council, which, as it is a rustic land, has had to request a series of urban qualification reports from the Community of Madrid, so that the land is qualified for endowment purposes.

However, according to his calculations and "if everything goes as expected", the first phase will be built at the beginning of 2023.

Then it will begin its activity, which, according to the company that will manage it, will entail 280 days of rental of the circuit, regardless of the competitions; with what around a hundred people will pass through there every day, while on weekends it will be a thousand, and on championship days about 8,000.

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