Mirandés puts Girona's reaction to the test in Anduva

Both teams arrive at the meeting with different feelings. The rojillos chain three wins in the championship and the rojiblancos, two defeats.


Mirandés and Girona will meet in Anduva in a match they arrive with conflicting streaks (follow the match live on AS.com). José Alberto's pupils only know victory in this second round start after defeating Cartagena, Las Palmas and Castellón. The appointment against the Catalan team could mark the future of the competition for the rojillos, although the Asturian coach prefers to keep his feet on the ground. The last time the team approached playoff spots, and even slept in those positions, there was a negative dynamic of results afterwards.

Changes are hardly expected in the starting eleven of Mirandés. Only the return of Vitorian center-back Vivian, who will foreseeably return to accompany Berrocal in the center of the rear. The rest could be the same ones that were imposed less than a week ago in Castalia. The 'jabata' squad hopes to return the coin, after the defeat suffered in Girona, in a clash from which it did not deserve to leave empty.

For its part, Girona started the second round in an unbeatable way after beating Espanyol, but it is in a delicate moment. The last two defeats, against Mallorca and Leganés, have done a lot of damage to a rojiblanco block that has seen the playoff positions are seven points away. The train is escaping him and that is why this match against Mirandés is considered a final. They visit a direct rival in the fight to hunt down the first six and a new setback would make them look, and worry, more about what happens in the lower part of the table than in the upper one.

Francisco recovers Terrats after overcoming COVID-19, but everything indicates that it will play a revulsive role. As for the casualty list, Aday, with a right abductor disease, joins Luna and Pablo Moreno in the infirmary. At the beginning, players like Monchu and Samu Sáiz are expected, who must take a step forward. In attack, Sylla and Stuani seem untouchable, but both need to regain the goal. Girona is stagnant and it is that adding only 17 goals in 24 games is a very difficult figure to sustain in a team that tries to be among the top six classifieds.


- Balance: The Mirandés coach, José Alberto López, once again emphasizes that his team remains balanced throughout the ninety minutes.

- No goal: Girona's lack of hitting is taking a toll. He has only managed 17 goals in 24 league games. Has the third worst attack in the category.

AS to follow

- Iván Martín: The rojillo attack game is made through the boots of the Bilbao midfielder. Your input is essential.

- Stuani: Not yet at 100%, but the team needs his goals to look to the playoff. He has only had two this season.

Previous statements

José Alberto, Mirandés coach: "From the beginning of the season we have talked about being a balanced team and I think we are being so. The sensations are of little use. It only serves to compete and win each game. day. Every team has a bump throughout the league and we've come out stronger. "

"We think we know the keys, but I'm not going to give them. It's a team that knows how to behave with and without the ball. It stands out in its offensive side because it has players with a lot of individual talent and weight in the area with Stuani. The killer instinct is never lose "

Francisco, Girona coach: "We have had very difficult moments. We have not finished being well and adding every weekend is important for us. Being close to sixth place has perhaps confused us a bit and this week we feel bad for distancing ourselves. We have to compete to the maximum, not think about what the fifth or sixth of the classification does "

"It is a rival that perhaps does not have the name of those we have had lately, but it is together with Almería one of the blocks that threatens the area the most. It has a very fluid game. It has a young squad. It is very well worked"

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