Messi's contract with Barça required him to speak Catalan

In one of the clauses, the Barça club urged the Argentine to "make every effort to integrate into Catalan society."


The third installment of the serial of Messi's contract published by El Mundo reveals that the documents contain clauses that not only refer to economic aspects, but also impose demands on the social life of the Argentine star. In this third chapter, the Madrid newspaper discovers that Barcelona forced Messi to learn Catalan and urged him to "make every effort to integrate into Catalan society." However, as the information highlights, the player has never expressed himself in public in that language and even asked to be released if Catalonia becomes independent.

Another of the points that is revealed in this new installment has to do with the bonus for games played. According to the contract, the Argentine star enters 1,168,964 euros if he plays 60% of the official games, but when counting those games, those of the Catalunya Cup are not included.

These requirements are some of the considerations that the Argentine star had to meet in exchange for a salary of more than 555 million euros gross for four seasons and a series of loyalty clauses, such as that he will receive 39 million next July and which was revealed in the second installment of the serial.

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