Mesa's Obstacle Course

Las Palmas had decided that he would send him back to Albacete. Mel reveals that he stopped his departure due to injuries and casualties from COVID-19.

Even if he was trapped in his own fight against destiny, determined as he seems to keep his idea of making life in the Las Palmas Sports Union firm, Maikel Mesa's career in the Gran Canaria entity seems like an obstacle course. He is facing his third season at the club and, for the moment, he continues without being constant in the line-ups.

If in his first season, just after relegation from the First Division, it was difficult for him to catch the rhythm despite playing 26 games, half of them as a starter, in the second he barely had the confidence of Pepe Mel, also weighed down by an injury to back, and after playing just seven games he was loaned to Albacete, where he ended up being as decisive as the most to keep the La Mancha team in the Smartbank League.

So good memory left in the Carlos Belmonte team, now captained in sports matters by Gran Canaria Toni Cruz, who was about to return this week to the Peninsula. He found himself so close to returning to Albacete that only his coach prevented him. And also, about the horn.

As Pepe Mel himself reported yesterday, his former team bid very hard for him almost until the last second of the winter market, which closed last Monday. In fact, he raised his offer several times to take over Mesa's services. "The president left it in my hands", revealed the Madrid coach. Against the Tenerife midfielder the statistics of the course played (15 games played, only 4 as a starter, and just 482 minutes played), but the infirmary did him a great favor. This is how Mel explained it in the bowels of the Ciudad Deportiva de Las Palmas: "As I said, I was the wrong one. I am used to football all my life, but I had not realized what COVID-19 is. We have two footballers out (Rober and Silva) and almost the entire quarry paralyzed. In the end the squads are not extensive or similar. We also have several injuries. The moment that bug enters the locker room, it takes three or four footballers ahead We have decided that the people who could leave can help us and add, as has happened with Maikel Mesa. " Others, like Aridai, also share a destiny.

In any case, absences rule and Mesa, if there is no last-minute setback, will be summoned to receive Sabadell tomorrow at the Gran Canaria Stadium. Headline against Mirandés, the bad image offered by the team in Anduva makes the man from Tenerife a candidate to leave the team. The arrivals of Mujica and Jesé, the only winter signings, add more competition to an overcrowded attack front.

His commitment to the cause is, in any case, beyond doubt. When he played he was the first to agree with the club on his salary reduction and among his own teammates his rising and pleasant influence in the dressing room is valued with special gratitude, instilling encouragement like the one that most especially to the footballers who, like him, enjoy few opportunities. Without raising your voice, continue to avoid obstacles. Pure survival and desire, more than demonstrated and declared, to play in Las Palmas.

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