Mbappé, 'fantastic' but not 'indispensable' at PSG

The French newspaper considers Keylor Navas, Marquinhos, Verratti and Neymar essential and attributes the defeat to Lorient to the absence of the first three.


Being fantastic doesn't make you essential. At least as far as PSG and L'Équipe are concerned. The comeback suffered by the Parisians in the last league match against Lorient, after letting go a 1-2, continues to give analysis and in the last one, the most 'affected' is Kylian Mbappé. The striker, a star at Parque de los Príncipes along with Neymar and a crucial part of the fantastic four that Di María and Icardi complete, has seen how the French newspaper excludes him when it comes to talking about indispensable players in the team. What's more, only Neymar is part of the spine that the aforementioned media describes as 'the Indispensables'.

Keylor Navas, Marquinhos, Verratti and Neymar. Those are the names that make up this newly minted group and that, surprisingly, does not include a Mbappé who was already singled out after the defeat for his performance. The first three did not take part in the clash at the Stade Moustoir, while the fourth was the only one that was saved from burning. Not only for having converted two penalties into a double, but also for being the only real threat throughout the 90 minutes.

'The vocal leader', 'the undefeated', 'the entertainer' and 'the genius'

The absences of Keylor, Marquinhos and Marco were noticed in the meeting and from L'Equipe analyze why. The 'tico' arrived in Paris to provide security for a too irregular goal until his arrival. However, it is his leadership that stands out. 'The vocal leader' of PSG is noted both on and off the pitch and they point out that Sergio Rico does not fill the shoes of a Navas who could not dress short due to a blow to the chest. They emphasize that their teammates missed their instructions in the Loire Valley, as well as their saving saves when they come worst, such as against Angers with 1-0 on the scoreboard or against Lille with 0-0.

The Brazilian defender (or pivot) missed the appointment due to adductor problems and, as almost always when he is not part of the eleven, PSG suffered. The nickname of 'the undefeated' is not gratuitous, and it is that Marquinhos does not know defeat in Ligue 1, where the Parisians average 2.7 points per games with him on the field, for the 1.1 they accumulate in his absences. The data speaks for itself of the importance of a crucial player in the face of the Champions League tie against Barça. If Keylor is the voice, Marquinhos is the battle and the inspiration for his teammates. In fact, Tuchel already placed him with the greatest: "He is at the level of the Ballon d'Or" .

The third leg of the bank is Verratti, who COVID-19 'stole' the title against Lorient. With a supersonic attack and a muscular midfield, the petite Italian is the architect of the defense-attack transition. 'The animator', as he nicknames 'L'Équipe', brings joy to Parisian football and Pochettino has given him the keys to the engine room since his arrival. Without their clairvoyance for the pass, Neymar and Mbappé receive balls in worse conditions and it becomes more difficult for them to produce chances. In addition, the four fouls he forces per game show the difficulty involved in stealing the ball.

Finally, 'the genius'. Nobody is going to discover Neymar right now. The Brazilian has become a total player at PSG and, controversy aside, he is not discussed as one of the best players on the planet. After a dark period, his happiness in the French capital is full and his renewal is going from strength to strength. As we say, he was the best against Lorient with two goals and already adds, in a season that began weighed down by injuries, 13 goals and 5 assists in 16 games (1,251 minutes). That is, he participates in a goal every 69.5 minutes. Indispensable.

Making the fantastic indispensable

Doubts about using the 'Fantastic Four' or are not news to Pochettino, since since his arrival in Paris he has on the table the lace of their stars. Now, after seeing them shipwrecked against Lorient, that decision becomes important, with the eighth of the Champions League against Barça on the horizon (February 16). The 'indispensable four' are non-negotiable, at least for L'Équipe, but the main task of the satafesino is to ensure that the fantastic is not at odds with the indispensable. This way, the puzzle would fit. For this, Mbappé is the key piece of the gear and more so considering that his renewal does not follow the same paths as Neymar's ... 444 444

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