Mbappé asks Neymar

"Everyone knows its importance, it is very good news for us," said the Frenchman in reference to the upcoming renewal of Neymar.


Mbappé and Neymar. Neymar and Mbappé. Two parts of the same coin that depending on the moment have alternated heads and tails. The Brazilian went through turbulence in the past for PSG, with Barça as a gale that stirred the waters, but everything happened, the storm abated, and now the Brazilian is happy in Paris and his renewal, as 'TNT' well advanced, it is about to take shape. Now, the cross is another, a Mbappé whose future is less clear and with Madrid attentive to everything that revolves around him.

However, in the Park of the Princes they have an asset, the good relationship between their stars. A new sample was evident after the Parisian victory in Le Classique (0-2), when Bondy's was asked about the continuity of the '10'. "Everyone knows the importance of this player, it is very good news for us. I hope he can write history for many years. The club and he deserve it," Kylian said before the cameras of 'Canal + France'. The message is clear, I want Neymar to continue in Paris. Condition for him to sign his own renewal?

Y is that, if Ney's contract extension is taken for granted, Mbappé's has yet to be drawn. As AS has learned, an option that has already been considered in the past is gaining strength at this time: renewing the contract with a pro Real Madrid clause. In this way, the operation to sign Mbappé, the master plan of the white team this coming summer, would have to be extended for a couple of more seasons. The reason is none other than the economic difficulties that the target group is going through due to the pandemic, a monetary downturn that would not allow them to face the transaction until they recover financial muscle.

In search of the double face

With his future surrounded by unknowns, it is expected that Mbappé will continue to defoliate the daisy until the European Championship, the deadline for sealing, or not, the new deal. His contract ends in 2022 (like Neymar's and, entering the last year of the same without a signed extension is totally chimerical, since this would allow any team (Madrid, Liverpool?) To negotiate with him from next January These public statements between stars are nothing new, since days ago it was Neymar who advocated for the continuity of his partner, while giving office to his own. "I'm staying at PSG and I hope Mbappé will too." Kylian's last words mean a similar message and that 'we' he includes as part of the statement may be revealing.

In addition, the attacker positively valued the work of Pochettino, which has returned him to his best level. "The coach puts me in a position to be the first to counterattack, so that they don't block me and it is easier. Mauro (Icardi) makes the penultimate pass, and as soon as Fide (Di María) has the ball, I know he will I like to take the last pass, so I take over the free space. Afterwards, it's just instinct, I can score and be decisive. It feels good, "he indicated in reference to the fantastic goal achieved, in which he reached an amazing speed in the race. The start of 2021 had not been entirely positive for him, but it seems that now that the decisive part of the season is coming, Mbappé is focused and Pochettino has managed to find the key. With renewal in the air, it is not little ...

If in the past it seemed that the future of PSG went through choosing a leader, now it seems that their cracks have signed the pipe of peace and hope to take the capital's team to the top of Europe together. "We are like brothers, but I am the oldest. We love to play together because I want to get the best out of him," said Mogi da Cruzes. I have always believed that great players are made to play together. And that was clear between us. The statuses were established since I arrived in Paris: Neymar is the center of the project, and I am there to help him, "the Frenchman recently said on France Football. The struggle of egos seems more than buried. Neymar has become the heads and Mbappé the cross. Although PSG is working to get a double-sided coin.

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