Márquez: lesson learned

Marc Márquez, in addition to being a great driver, is a very intelligent guy. Observe, listen, analyze ... and learn.


Marc Márquez, besides being a great driver, is a very intelligent guy. Observe, listen, analyze ... and learn. Of the successes and also of the errors. As he has done in the recovery process that he has been dragging since July of last year, a season lost due to a precipitation in his return that now he is very clear that it will not be repeated. "I got on a motorcycle that was not playing," explained the man from iler to journalists after the presentation of the new project of the Repsol Honda MotoGP team, thus assuming that something went wrong in that untimely return of the one who prefers to distribute responsibilities rather than load ink . Also in this way he is skilled, it is of little use to entangle the past bull, his obligation is to look ahead taking good note of what happened to avoid it in the future.

Márquez will not be in the Qatar tests and it will be seen if in the first race of the year on the same stage. He has avoided talking about deadlines, but he has clarified circumstances that have been speculated on for months. A silence around his injury has become the ideal breeding ground for opinions of all kinds, rumors and even hoaxes. In this case, his team and his environment should also be educated, be aware that the transparency that the pilot has now exhibited would have prevented these quibbles. Of course, the protagonist sets the deadlines, but once the strategy has been defined, it only remains to develop it to tackle nonsense. Today we know that he will not be in those preseason tests, what is his physical condition, when will he see the doctors again, what does his return depend on ... In short, light and stenographers to cast certainties and clear doubts. And everyone is happy to see that it is progressing properly.

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