Mallorca plays with fire but consolidates in the leadership

The Balearic team prevails with a goal from Amath after a lucky play. Albacete, with 10 from 37 ', was able to tie a penalty in the final stretch.


Mallorca prolongs its good dynamic of results after winning this Friday at Carlos Belmonte and adding its third consecutive victory after beating an Albacete by the minimum that has played more than 50 minutes with one man less due to the expulsion of Gorosito for a double yellow and that could tie the crash down the stretch.

The local team started the game well by pushing Mallorca up and in minute 6 Fuster warned the visiting team with a shot after a cross by Álvaro Jiménez that was leaving the Balearic goal. Little by little, the Balearic team took over the game and in the 13th minute, Mallorca had their first chance with a foul on the edge of the area executed by Oliván who left outside the goal of Tomeu Nadal. Luis García's team continued to arrive with danger and in the 27th minute, Ruiz de Galarreta shot from outside the area and Tomeu Nadal rejected the ball that was finally sent over the La Mancha goal by Antonio Sánchez. Albacete tries to come out with speed in attack and Álvaro Jiménez after a good cut inside the area, shot with danger against Reina but his shot ran into a rival defender to go for a corner kick. In the 36th minute, Gorosito would be sent off for a second yellow after a squad to Abdon in the fight for a ball against Abdon. Outnumbered, Menéndez removed Fuster to enter Kecojevic in the center of the La Mancha defense.

After the break, Albacete tried to defend themselves against a Mallorca that monopolized the ball. In minute 53 Abdón Prats had the first goal of the match but his header went over the goal of Tomeu. Luis García Plaza introduced a triple change giving entry to Febas, Cufre and Álvaro Giménez.

Mallorca kept pushing harder and in a fortunate move, Amath got the away goal by taking advantage of a rebound to beat Tomeu Nadal under. The Albacete, although playing with one less man, threw courage and Cedric as soon as he left the field of play, he shot but his ball after touching an opponent, left slightly deviated from Reina's goal and in the next play, Arroyo finished off Heading off a corner kick, but his shot went over the visitor's goal.

In the last minutes, Mallorca with long possessions tried to hold the result although Dani Rodríguez after an individual move was able to sentence the crash, but his shot went just wide of Tomeu's goal. Albacete drew courage in the last minutes and was able to tie the match but Álvaro Jiménez could not score a penalty that he himself had caused by throwing the maximum penalty to the post and in the rebound, Diamanka was not right to contact the ball. In the end, Mallorca was able to add their third consecutive victory that allows them to continue at the top of the table against an Albacete who sold their defeat dearly.

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