Madrid studies extending the agreement with the Mutua to 2022

It is proposed to condition in the Caja Mágica a space of the existing infrastructures to cover the sport in the San Fermín neighborhood.


The Madrid City Council is studying the legal feasibility of extending until 2022 the agreement signed with Madrid Trophy Promotion (MTP) to organize the Mutua Madrid Open professional tennis tournament at the Caja Mágica venue, as it was not possible to celebrate last year for the pandemic.

The head of the Sports delegate area, Sofía Miranda, has commented on this in the branch commission held this Tuesday, in which Mar Barberán (Más Madrid) has asked if they are considering creating a municipal facility in the Caja Mágica or conditioning a space of the existing infrastructures to cover the sports needs of the San Fermín neighborhood ".

"In Manuela Carmena's legislature, taking into account and echoing the needs of the neighborhood, a roadmap was set to create a municipal sports facility within this facility", Barberán said about the Caja Mágica, an infrastructure " star in the Olympic dream "by Alberto Ruiz Gallardón of" 300 million euros and quite a bit, not to mention no compensation for citizens ".

Barberán added that this "pre-agreement" was not closed "because it was not the time", since the agreement expired on December 31, 2021, and "we were also on the verge of elections and they did not want to leave mortgaged to the new Corporation ". "A year and a half have passed since the elections, we are in the year of change of agreement or possible change of agreement, and we believe that it is time to see if we comply with that objective of covering the grassroots sport in the neighborhood of San Fermín ", has commented.

Miranda explained that the Sports delegated area and legal services are "evaluating the legal possibility" of extending the agreement until 2022, since last year the Mutua Madrid Open could not be held. "It is being studied whether or not it is legally possible to extend it to that year in a compensatory way for not having been able to celebrate the pandemic last year," he explained.

In his opinion, "no one doubts that it is positive for the city that Mutua continues to develop in Madrid" and that is "what we are also working on, seeing all the possibilities. "We should all agree that the Mutua has to stay in Madrid and that an agreement must be signed that is beneficial for both parties, because if not, neither one nor the others will want it to stay," he added. Likewise, the Councilor for Citizens has said that they are "very interested in scheduling more sporting events open to the public at the Caja Mágica."

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