Madrid longs for Cristiano

The Portuguese, who turns 36 today, has scored more goals for Juventus (87) than ten attacking men from Real Madrid. Only Benzema is saved.


It has been two and a half years since Cristiano left Real Madrid and the white club has still not been able to fill the huge gap he left. Although Benzema took a step forward and assumed a large part of the offensive responsibility, with the French it is not enough and he cries out for the help of his teammates. In the last two seasons (2018-2019 and 2019-2020, both without the Portuguese, the Whites scored 175 goals. A very poor record if we compare it with the two just previous ones (2016-2017 and 2017-2018), in those with Cristiano in the squad scored just 300 (173 + 127) .

Madrid decided to sell it for 100 million euros in 2018 thinking that the salary it was asking for in its last renewal was exorbitant (30 million net per season) for a 33-year-old player, in addition to deducing that the team was prepared to continue earning without the. Since then, CR7 has been in charge of proving that they still had many years of great football left. In two and a half seasons that he has been at Juventus, he has scored 87 goals. The first ended with 28; the second, with 37 (he was third in the Golden Boot behind Inmobile and Lewandowski); and, in the current one, he has scored 22. Numbers that have earned him to be among the finalists for the Ballon d'Or during the last three years. Also to become the top scorer in football history. With his two goals against Inter last Tuesday, Cristiano reached 763 goals in his career. He has surpassed Josef Bican (759) and Pelé (757). Lionel Messi (721) remains his only rival, although the Argentine is 42 goals behind ... 444 444On his birthday

Today he is 36 years old and he does it in style: Juve and Jorge Mendes, his agent, negotiate a renewal of his contract, which ends in June 2022. His idea is to retire at 40 years old, and he is on the way to fulfill it by paying at the highest level.

His data at Juventus reveal the performance of Real Madrid's attacking men. Excluding Benzema, the sum of the goals of the ten offensive players who have passed through the white front in the last two and a half years does not reach the 87 that Cristiano has scored in Italy. Bale, Asensio, Vinicius, Lucas, Rodrygo, Isco, Mariano, Hazard, Jovic and James are the ones indicated. Among all, they have only scored 81 in white, six less than the Portuguese.

The most bleeding cases are those of Jovic and Hazard. Madrid spent more than 160 million euros on both in 2019 to fill part of the scoring gap. Nothing is further from reality, they only achieved six goals in 67 games (two from the Serbian in 32, four from the Belgian in 35). Mariano, Benzema's only natural replacement left on the squad, has not met expectations either: he has scored six. Gareth Bale, on loan this season at Tottenham, is the top scorer (17). The first season without Cristiano he scored 14, but in the second, already without sufficient motivation and with a physical battered by injuries, he only managed to materialize three.

You can make a separate with Vinicius (11) and Rodrygo (10). Both arrived very young from Brazil (18 years old), as footballers to perform in the medium-long term. However, they have had opportunities and have not always taken advantage of them, leaving the feeling that they will need to take a qualitative leap in their game and increase their numbers if they want to wear white their entire career. Do not miss that they cost 85 million (45 Vinicius and 40 Rodrygo) .

Marco Asensio (11 goals) also has the safe conduct of the cruciate ligament tear that left him off the pitch for almost a year. But, at 25 years old, Real Madrid asks for something more. Especially in the scorer section, in which he has not yet stood out as if he did before the injury.

Karim does perform

The one who does not fail is Benzema. The Frenchman, a close friend of Cristiano and his best partner during his time at Madrid, has scored 72 goals since his departure. On him the offensive foundations of the team are sustained: this season he has 32% of the goals (15 of 47). The first without the Portuguese finished with 30 and the next with 27. He is on the way to improving those figures. He is the only player who invites us to think that the team's offensive problems have a solution. Saving the season goes through your boots.

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