Madrid has a terrible time

Gran Canaria has a 3-pointer to force extra time after the leader was 11 up in the fourth quarter. The whites solve from the staff. Causeur and Rudy, 15 points each.


Herbalife Gran Canaria saw a unique opportunity to win at the Palacio pass by. He didn't catch it on the fly and it escaped him, and that he scored (at stake), bounced and assisted more than Madrid, he also recovered more balls and lost less; but the leader resolved from the staff. He did it with a poor 66%, 19 out of 29, an outline of a strange duel, with the leader in serious trouble (81-80) while Llull goes hunting in the lost form after the recent stoppage due to injury, with Rudy (15 points, hit the triple) in a similar way, and with Laprovittola and Carroll still out. A victory that can be remembered at the end of the League achieved in a match that no one will mention in just a few hours. Causeur was the best for his accuracy of three and because he generated some play and Tavares had little influence (-9 with him on the track) despite being called urgently to cross the finish line safely. The five of Granca, Matt Costello, bet on the triples to get rid of Edy: 4 of 12, among those eight missed, the one who would have forced the extension.

As had happened at the Palau Blaugrana hours before, the first part left us with a fierce pulse. The two greats were going to decide their triumph in the second. And they would each do it in their own way, totally opposite. Barça crushed UCAM with a +28 in the resumption and Madrid suffered a lot, in accordance with their current state of form, marked in part by casualties and wear (they yielded in the second 20 minutes by 5 goals: 40-45 ). Perhaps that is why those of Jasikevicius have completed the month of January with an intimidating balance of 10-0 and those of Laso with a correct 7-3.

The best of the start at the premises, the energy of Tyus, which finally allowed Tavares to take a break (6 points and 5 rebounds accumulated in 11 minutes the former Maccabi). Good activity behind and on the rebound, and some decisive ability in attack. It is not his strong suit, although he has developed some good veteran resources near the rim. Alocen started again without the inspiration of the Euroleague. Step by step, which is just 20 years old. At the Granca, the mood of Slaughter, Okoye and Costello was the one reflected by their team. And it wasn't bad.

In the third period, Madrid threatened to break from the triple (4 of 5, three from Causeur). He did not do it, he dragged the same hindrance all afternoon, which a calm Laso indicated to his players in each time-out: lack of mobility. So he reached the last act (63-57) with the denouement to be written. A triple and a basket by Rudy gave another push: 70-59, minute 33. The final one? No. Burjanadze, Shurna and Costello took the pulse to where the rivals of the whites usually do in recent times, to force against their will (that of the enemy, of course) the presence of Tavares on the track. There are times, yes, that you can't even sit down.

This time he came off the bench with 3:40 left and the first thing he did, at 72-70, was tap a basket. He then took a foul on the rebound and hit a free throw. It wasn't the ultimate push, but he did lend a hand. His pair, Costello had the triple to force the extension. He marched it and Albicy put it in two when he was not playing. There is also progress along a stone path and the leader did it this Sunday. Tired, especially, mentally. This Tuesday he repeats in the League. UCAM awaits you to catch up.

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