Madrid does not raise its head

The whites fall in La Fonteta, again without palliative, five days after the final against Barça. Van Rossom leads a Valencia Basket that takes it out of the Cup.


Al Valencia Basket the defeat against Madrid in the quarterfinals of the Cup, where the whites did not give them a choice, motivated them. It is clear with the triumph of this Friday (89-78). They knew a lot better team than they showed in the KO date and wanted to get even. He has had time to mix rest and work, eight days between the bad and the good face with the same enemy in front of him. In the other trench, Madrid, to which the bump in the final did not produce the same cathartic effect, rather on the contrary, it left him crushed and with negative thoughts circling his head while names are stirred for the next season. The limitations in the squad will continue there for the moment, but his sullen state can be cured, although not in five days. It is also clear.

In such a situation, you didn't have to be a futurologist to guess what could happen. And that was scenario one, a Valencia thrown in front of a stunned Real. Those from Ponsarnau put in everything that they failed a week before and even ran for the mistakes of their rival (inopportune or missed shots). At halftime, +20 (55-35) with a demonstration of success (13 of 16 of two and 8 of 14 of three) in full demerit in defense of Laso's men, always a little step behind in the face to face.

Carroll shot up to 15 points in the first act, but his peer Marinkovic responded with 12 and only Tavares added more scoring (6). The rest ... zero and, even worse, without shooting a basket, since only three players tried (the third, Deck with 0 of 4). Van Rossom set the pace with a great game (16 goals and 8 assists) against a somewhat shy Alocen and Tobey replaced Dubljevic with two triples (and three fast fouls) .

Laso's men, despite everything, resisted (29-23) until Tavares sat down, relieved by Tyus. From there, it went downhill on the roll and not even his lap stopped the free fall. To add insult to injury, Llull hurt his right leg, the one with the operated knee, and did not return to the track. Neither Rudy nor Taylor were there. The whites did not lower their arms, because there was an attempt to react, but Valencia lowered them again in the second half after a phase of doubts. The concentration of one was the embarrassment of the other.

Just nine years after the Cup in Sant Jordi, which kicked off the Laso era, Madrid fell relentlessly at La Fonteta and has five defeats in five games this year against ACB rivals in Europe (they only have one, Barça on March 11 at the WiZink Center). It is going through one of its lowest moments in the last decade, one in which the conjunctural and the structural are mixed. The two teams now share one thing: an uncertain path with nine games to go to reach the quarterfinal playoff. Two more or less wins can be five places apart in the rankings. Crazy.

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