Madrid does not crack

The white players dismantle Valencia and give Laso a very special victory. Between Deck and Thompkins, 46 points. Lenovo Tenerife, rival in the semifinals.


If this were chess and not basketball, the analysts would have failed to prepare for the game. Because almost nothing of what happened was intuited. Well, yes, one thing, that Madrid showed their face despite the inclement casualties (Taylor, Garuba and Randolph). That in the Laso era is always like that, Madrid does not crack, the coach shouted it a few weeks ago when the problems multiplied and he shouted it again to raise the curtain of the Cup. His team did it that unfolded Valencia (85 -74) in a huge collective performance with Deck and Thompkins (23 points per beard) as figureheads. All in a very special day for Laso, just as he became the coach with the most games (735) in the club's history, including football.

The rest was unexpected, or in case of making a list of forecasts, they would have appeared far below. The Tavares-Dubljevic duel almost did not exist, the Cape Verdean fouled in the 30th second and sat down. And Tyus did not come out immediately, but Reyes, who was on the court 6:40, complied and beat Bomba Navarro as the player with the most minutes in the KO tournament. Edy returned in the second quarter and at 14 seconds, the second personal, to the bench again. Without him, Madrid, who usually play in a minor league, defended at a high level, dominated the rebound and attacked in a fabled driven by the above (70% from two and 41% from triples at halftime) .

Alocén led the initial demarraje with 5 of his 7 assists and Carroll, Thompkins and, above all, Deck were the executing arms. The Argentine, 13 starting points, including the classic from coast to coast to close the quarter and a 2 + 1 to put the +16 (38-22, minute 13) .

The white attacks then thickened (now with Llull at the helm, who had relieved Laprovittola and this in turn to Alocén) and Marinkovic holed the first triple taronja (5 of 26) while Tobey tried to put the warrior ardor that he lacked to his companions. The 40-33 was a mirage and Real opened a gap again at halftime (+15) while Prepelic got lost in a wrong battle, that of gestures (technique for simulating a foul after a previous warning) .

"Never look back"

Ponsarnau demanded his players fight and communion, look at them and recognize them, and in the resumption he still did not do it, there was no order, only individual outbursts, and Madrid touched the sky with Deck's umpteenth cavalry charge : 59-38. With everything lost and already very uninhibited, we saw the Valencia we expected. Prepelic feigned and Van Rossom struck. The Belgian guard led a 0-15 run that seemed to turn everything upside down: 59-53. Another bad prediction, it was not the day to make them.

Those of Laso recovered their temper. Tavares (-10 with him on the track) emerged in the heights (the highest historical blocker of the Cup) and Deck, like four in that section, defeated a fighter Kalinic. Then big relay from Thompkins. So much ride, ride so much. Lethal. "Never look back," Lolo Sainz told Laso in an emotional video after the victory. And the man from Vitoria, excited, heeds him: on Saturday, in the semifinals, the Lenovo Tenerife.

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