Madness in Charlotte: mysterious absence, expulsion and final shot

Curry left before the game started, which ended with a sitcom: Green was sent off and Rozier won the game for his team.


No one can say that he was not entertained if he followed the game that Hornets and Warriors played in Charlotte this Saturday night. He had everything. The hosts took the 102-100 victory after a final play in which Rozier's hand did not tremble and which was preceded by a controversial expulsion.

The night began with mystery. After warming up, dressing short and participating in the previous talk on the court, Stephen Curry left the facilities when he was in poor health. The image, captured by television cameras, froze more than one, like his father (who is a commentator on the Hornets broadcasts). The team was quick to confirm later that it had nothing to do with COVID-19 and that the player was simply feeling ill. This also had to count on the Warriors, who bet on Mychal Mulder in his position.

The night was resolved with a storm that devastates everything. Green in the face of the rival and a referee, Kerr assuring in a press conference that the game had been loaded and with Rozier as the author of 36 points and the final thrust with which the Hornets scored one more victory at home.

Without Curry, it was time for others to do their part. His brother-in-law, Damion Lee, did a good kick-start in a second quarter where the Warriors made up for mistakes in the first and took control. Rookie Jalen McDaniels was the only one who seemed to react to Wiggins and Wanamaker's triples, to the direction of the aforementioned Lee and to an extra-motivated Kelly Oubre who was crashing with everyone who got in front of him. Those of San Francisco went to rest winning by two and with good feelings despite missing their best player.

Wiggins, by pedigree, and Paschall, by roster experience, had to take a step forward to make that minimal advantage worth it. They held up very well to Gordon Hayward, weaker than in other games, at forward. It cost more than Golden State had a remedy for what they opened the field, not only hitting the shots, Washington and Rozier. And the Hornets began to take the lead.

Charlotte, who kept losing balls and giving air to his rival, was entrusted to a Terry Rozier who scored twenty points in the fourth quarter. The last two, the most valuable. From six meters, on the horn and with the defense of Juan Toscano-Anderson, the kind of basket that makes a player great. The action was preceded by his triple and a jump between two that led to madness: ball fought by Hayward and Green, time-out by the Hornets before the two had possession simultaneously, ball for them and monumental anger from a Green who ranted against everyone and ended up expelled.

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