Luka Doncic stumbles at the end despite making another great game with Dallas

The Mavs lost thanks to a 3 by Lillard and a layup by Jones. He had it to tie Luka Doncic, author of 44 points, but did not enter.


When luck doesn't smile on you, it doesn't, period. Luka Doncic will think something like this when he sees that ball not entering the basket when he has everything on his side and he only has one step left to round off the task. The Mavericks, who almost fixed the mess in the fourth quarter, were able to tie, but they played it all to one card and it wasn't a wild card. The Slovenian, after scoring 44 points, missed a triple in which he was released four seconds from the end and after seeing Damian Lillard, his rival for starting the All-Star, hit his own to force him to put it.

There is talk and with good reason about Doncic's failures in the shots despite the good numbers he does, but it is that on the night against the Blazers there was no such excuse because he also acted positively in that facet. He did not want to enter and, as he himself said at the end, he was "disappointed" in the same way as his companions. Rick Carlisle, his coach, summed it up like this: "If I had that shot nine more times, I would hit it nine times in a row."

The display of resources by Luka Doncic, who becomes the only player in Dallas history to accumulate 90 points in two consecutive games, was extensive, but it is also true that the reaction came late after leaving the locker room after the break with an important fuck and conceding 45 points in the third quarter. The meeting was difficult for them and the miracle game of their Slovenian genius is not infinite. And in front were some Trail Blazers much more depleted and who knew how to squeeze themselves to continue their winning streak, a phrase that the Mavericks cannot say in the same way.

Maybe not for the first few moments, but it didn't take the Oregonians long to put on their overalls and break stone. The hole in the center of the zone was problematic for the Mavs and Terry Stotts knew how to make his players take advantage of it. Only some triple from Trent or Simons was to the dressing of the main course, which was being cooked on the inside with Damian Lillard and Carmelo Anthony Masterchef.

The destruction that Melo was doing to Kleber was important. From the clear ten it went to a much smaller difference in the second period, with Doncic doing damage for the same part that they were doing to him. The departure of Trey Burke revolutionized everything a bit and in that chaos the locals moved well, equalizing the contest. With Doncic back on the court came the first big outburst: three triples in a row against Covington, one of the best defending forwards in the NBA. That Dallas was winning at rest was nothing more than a stubbornness of the European base, who was already throwing everything behind his back.

Lillard began to break lines and Jones imposed his physique with two blocks and a rebound-mate that would make anyone come up. The Blazers had completely turned the game around in a few minutes. The Mavericks toast was important. The fifteen distance points they lost in that third round were not made up. Doncic was starting to see himself alone and Anthony, Trent and Covington were showing up for the team in black. Complications. With ten down this time it was time for the Texan team to row and they did. It lasted a long time. Only in the final two minutes were they able to hunt them down. Doncic and Lillard were already locked in their particular duel, but it was a serve to Finney-Smith that, for his triple, brought the tie after so long. Lillard returned it with a classic 3-pointer after step back and Jones cut through the zone for decisive action on the next play. Three away and the ball on the band, time to tie, Doncic unchecked without the defense noticing, unopposed shot from the left side of the court four seconds from the end and failed to regret a comeback attempt that only was left at that.

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