Luis García Plaza: "Albacete is the best team of this 2021"

The Mallorca coach does not trust the next rival of the island club. The central Valjent, an immovable fixed, could rest since he is warned of sanction with four yellow cards.

Luis García Plaza wants to reach the game against Espanyol with a margin and with his best available players, for this reason he considers it vital to add the three points against Albacete to maintain the distance with the Catalans and also give rest to the central Valjent, an immovable fixed, that is warned of sanction with four yellow cards.

From there, the only cabals regarding the team will focus on the right side where the coach has run out of troops due to the injuries of Sastre, Fran Gámez and Sedlar.

Regarding the La Mancha team, the Mallorcan coach's analysis is very forceful: "Albacete is the best team of this 2021", and the man from Madrid supports his words by remembering that the Albacete come "from adding 13 points out of the last 15 possible", adding that "it is a team that has become very strong defensively and that feels comfortable waiting behind."With that said, Luis García points out that "it would be important to beat Albacete and face the match with Espanyol with a 3-point margin" which are what now distance both teams at the top of the standings with the leading vermilions.

Regarding the aforementioned chapter of casualties in the right-back position, the coach affirms that we have several options for the right-back, I am also evaluating giving Valjent rest due to the fact that he has four yellows and that Russo plays in his position, already from there on the right side Antonio Sánchez, or Lago Junior or a left-handed side could play with a changed leg ", although this last option is the one least contemplated by the Majorcan coach.

In any case, Luis García adds that "whoever plays I will be extremely grateful" .

Regarding the winter market, Luis García has made a small assessment of the three reinforcements that have come to the Balearic team, the forwards Álvaro Giménez and Víctor Mollejo and the goalkeeper Koke.

Luis García assures that this winter market "improves the team because we incorporate troops, and in these times you never know what could happen and I want to have all the chips covered" .

In particular, he points out that Álvaro Giménez hopes "that he will help us in the scoring side together with Abdón and Cardona", and regarding Mollejo he states that "it is a different profile to what we have, he can play in the three attacking positions, more on the outside than on the inside, but he is more aggressive towards the goal, he has more presence in the area and he arrives hungry and eager ". Regarding the incorporation of the goalkeeper, Koke clarifies that "he arrives to reinforce the goal", without going to assess whether or not he is ahead of Parera, who, finally, has not come out in the present market as the player had requested.

In this sense, regarding the frustrated signing of Slovakian goalkeeper Dominik Greif, the coach's reference was more aimed at the fans than at the goalkeeper himself when he said that "our fans are the bomb, they are alive, they are there behind, and this has served to see that we have people watching out for us on a day-to-day basis and we are going to give everything for them, they have shown what they are capable of and I congratulate them ", referring to the support of the Mallorcan fans for the Slovak goalkeeper once his club failed allowed him to sign by launching a support hashtag.

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