Luis Enrique sets his eye on the Benfica-Arsenal band

Grimaldo and Bellerín, who met in the lower categories of Barcelona, meet today as rivals and with the aim of impressing the coach.

They were very young, 15-year-old adolescents, when Bellerín and Grimaldo, both born in 1995, parted ways. The two were great promises who shared the right wing (Bellerín) and left (Grimaldo) in the lower categories of La Masía, in which they coincided from 2008 to 2011, at which time the now right-back of Arsenal made the suitcases to continue their training in London.

The two full-backs took different paths but continued to coincide in the lower categories of the National Team, where they reached the top being starters in the European Under-21 in 2017, in a golden generation of Spanish football that was a finalist in the tournament and in which there were players as Asensio, Ceballos and Rodri.

Tonight, at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the neutral venue to host the first leg of the round of 32 of the Europa League between Arsenal and Benfica, who were the two wingers with the most projection of Spanish football just a few years ago, They will meet in a direct duel in which each one will measure the other with the desire to get their best level: the National Team is at stake. Bellerín, who after an injury and a couple of somewhat irregular years, is recovering his best version, has this season one goal and four assists in 25 games. Grimaldo, who also had a slight slump last season, is also returning to what he was: two goals and four goal passes in the same number of games.The good level shown by Bellerín caused Luis Enrique to call him for the National Team last November, when he started in the match against the Netherlands. Carvajal's continuous injuries can definitely open the doors to the Absolute for the next European Championship. By contrast, Grimaldo has never made his debut with La Roja, but it is known that the coach has had his squabbles with Jordi Alba, so Gaya seems to be the only left-handed side with the assured position and Benfica's will fight to the end to occupy that hole. We will see who wins the meeting.

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