Lucas Nogueira retires from basketball with only 28 years

The Brazilian pivot, trained in Spain and ex-NBA, has not endured a new injury and has separated from professional sports for a while.


Race truncated. Brazilian center Lucas Nogueira, with a recognized past in the NBA and the ACB, has announced his retirement from basketball at the age of 28.

He has done so with a letter sent to his Instagram fan account. This is what 'Bebe' wanted to express, the nickname they gave him, to say goodbye:

"Writing this letter has been very difficult for me because basketball has always been part of my life. In it I had very happy and marked moments, but also some moments of sadness. It is true that the sad moments were the ones that got me out of the fields, mainly because of the injuries "

"I always knew that getting back on the slopes after almost two years away from them would be difficult, challenging, but I was willing to do it to save my career. However, last Tuesday it happened again, so I made that difficult decision to ask to leave the Basquete Cearense Fortress "

"I would like to thank my friends and family, who have always supported me, the fans, my teammates, the coaching staff, Thalis Braga, Espiga, and, especially, coach Alberto Bial, who opened the doors of this project and he worked hard to get me back to being that player who wore the Raptors jersey in the NBA. Now I will rest, be closer to my family and friends and think of a new direction "

The already ex-player will take some time to reassess his options, although injuries have indeed been a major scourge for him to see himself out of basketball at such a young age.

He has not been the most focused player and even he knows it. "I should have had more opportunities, but maybe I didn't deserve them. Everybody goes out for a while and drinks, but I did it over and over again and there was no one to step on the brakes. I've been out a lot. In Spain I had a game at la week. I was young and had some money and no limits. In the end you found a way to party. It's Europe. I had no work ethic. When I went to the United States I saw that a 15-year-old boy had more discipline than It is something cultural, "he said in 2019. He worked with a psychologist, former Olympian José Manuel Beirán, to heal himself and go back to being who he once was, but he has not reached the goal. A follower of Jair Bolsonaro and in charge of a daughter after divorcing, Nogueira now assumes his new reality.

As a player he became brilliant for his ability to play over the rim, both to deal damage in attack and to protect on defense. He left the Estudiantes quarry, where he exploded in a few months, heading to the NBA. He was chosen by the Celtics in the 2013 Draft but traded to the Hawks and then the Raptors. It is with the Canadians that he played in the American league for four years and from more to less. He returned to Spain in 2018 to sign for Fuenlabrada, but did not achieve adequate physical form. He also tried out in the Bahrain league before returning to Brazil, where an injury has again broken his aspirations.

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