Lopetegui: "The Sevilla coach must behave better"

The Basque apologizes "publicly" for the confrontation with Bordalás in the band that ended with the two technicians expelled by Martínez Munuera.


Julen Lopetegui, Sevilla coach, wanted to apologize for his confrontation with José Bordalás, Getafe's counterpart, which ended with both expelled: "I apologize publicly. As a result of the heat, I could have acted differently, that is why I apologize. Hopefully not Lucas is serious, we are with our fingers crossed hoping that he is not what he seems to be. The Sevilla coach must behave better ".

"We are very worried, we believe that he has a significant injury but we have to wait for the final tests so that it is not serious. Apart from the fact that it is important no one wants to see a player in those circumstances," he added about the Argentine's injury.

Lopetegui analyzed the victory: "In the game we were clearly superior. I did not consider the first disallowed goal. We had chances, we reached the goal much more than them and eleven against eleven we were superior and eleven against ten the goals were achieved. Happy with him goal from Papu and everyone. I congratulate the whole team for their mentality and attitude "

Photos from as.com
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