"If Liverpool keep making excuses they will go another 30 years without winning"

Roy Keane, a former Manchester United commentator on Sky Sports, charged hard at Liverpool's attitude after losing 1-4 to Manchester City.


Liverpool will have a really hard time revalidating their hard-won Premier League title. Decades in search of becoming a new League champion and a defense that this season gives the feeling that they will not be able to complete successfully. The one that is now the favorite in this race is Manchester City, who this Sunday won at Anfield with a remarkable 1-4 thanks to the double by Gundogan and the goals of Sterling and Foden.

The win cost Jurgen Klopp's team criticism and among the hardest was Roy Keane. The former Manchester United, always forceful inside the green, is also strong outside it and fiercely launched against the reds on Sky Sports calling them even 'bad champions'. "We talked before the game about the amount of excuses they make. For me, they are bad champions. This season they have a kind of downturn. They won last year and they believed it. They thought" we can crush other teams, "said the former ' red devil '.

Keane, winner of the Premier League twice in a row (95-96 and 96-97 and 99-00 and 00-01), put his own case as an example of how the defense of the title has to be faced. "When you win, you think" will we be able to do it again? "I never perceived this group thinking like that. They came in like" Let's enjoy it. "I never heard any of their players say" let's do it again. " we are talking about entering the Champions League is his goal for this season, "he added.

In addition to the inappropriate attitude to get the League back, Keane did not agree with the alleged excuses that Liverpool make every time they fall. "Liverpool is a big club and if you are a big club you have to know how to deal with falls. If you want, we look at City and how they played with their best two players out. Liverpool had their best attackers, their best goalkeeper and internationals in midfield. Then Klopp comes out saying that the goalkeeper's feet (Alisson) might have got cold feet. It's excuse after excuse and it goes on. Deal with it. You are Liverpool Football Club, if you behave like this, you are going to spend 30 more years until you win another title ", he sentenced harshly.

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