'With (live)' from 'Where is the limit?' starts with overtaking cyclists

This social initiative will release several videos throughout the year to promote coexistence between vehicles and bicycles on the roads.


The inspirational content platform 'Where is the limit?' (WITL), led by the former CEO of GAES Antonio Gassó, has officially started its road safety project "With (live)" (www.witl.es/convivir), to which brands such as BH Bikes, AutoBeltran have already joined - Mercedes-Benz and Group DAS.

This social initiative aims to warn the population about the risks that exist on the road, and at the same time promote coexistence between drivers and cyclists on the road, with the aim of reducing the number of road accidents and road deaths in Spain.

After the launch press conference was held last Thursday, January 28, which can be seen in its entirety on YouTube, the project has started with the first of the messages on road safety that will be covered throughout the year: overtaking cyclists on the road .

Y is that in 2019 40 cyclists lost their lives on Spanish roads, 16 of whom were not wearing helmets, which means practically one death per week. If we add to this that in the last decade there has been a notable increase in the percentage of citizens who use the bicycle, whether for one use or another, it is crucial to establish a foundation on which to build a healthy coexistence with other vehicles .

Rights and obligations of cyclists and drivers

Minimum safe lateral distance when overtaking 444 444

All cyclists are obliged to comply with and follow road regulations in the same way as other road users, but they also have a series of rights, among which it is worth highlighting first of all the minimum lateral safety distance that any person must keep. vehicle when overtaking. Any vehicle that is going to pass a cyclist must keep 1.5 meters when passing it, reduce speed so as not to endanger the physical integrity of the cyclist and may cross the solid line, as long as the traffic conditions do so. allow

In fact, the DGT has suggested modifying the minimum lateral distance for cyclists to overtake to 2 meters, forcing vehicles to slow down when performing the maneuver at least 20 km / h at the maximum allowed on the road. These measures are part of a package of reforms included in the Royal Decree that will modify the Traffic Law and whose approval is expected in the coming months.

Preferences when entering a roundabout

When cyclists circulate in a group and the first one has already entered the roundabout, they have priority over other vehicles, since they are considered as a single unit. Once immersed in the roundabout, cyclists can circulate in the center of the lane, but they must signal their movements in advance to exit it.

Obligations when driving on narrow roads 444 444

On the other hand, if cyclists are riding in a group on a narrow road, they must leave the row of two, standing one behind the other and signaling the driver of the vehicle so that they can overtake.

These are some of the rules that have been disseminated through the video created by 'Where is the limit?' for the first message of “Con (vivir)”, starring Antonio Gassó and all the cyclists from the BH Templo Cafés (Carlos Coloma, Rocío García, Pablo Rodríguez and David Valero) and from the U23 team, the BH Templo Cafés Cofactory (David Campos , Iván Feijóo, Nuria Bosch and Jaume Bosch) .

Cyclists have the same rights as anyone else in a vehicle to circulate on the road. There are many basic rules, guidelines or recommendations to take into account when riding, but all of them must be preceded by awareness and mutual respect between cyclists and other road users.Viral Challenge on social networks

With the aim of raising awareness in the general public and making them participate, in a fun and friendly way, of the importance of respecting the safety distance when passing cyclists, 'Where is the limit?' It has also launched a Challenge through social networks. People who want to join must record a video adding all the products or utensils they have at home and that fit within 1.5 meters. They should download the template that they will find by Swipe Up in the Featured Stories of the @whereisthelimit Instagram account and put it on top of the video that they upload to their own Instagram Stories, tagging @ whereisthelimit.

Among all the people who participate in this Challenge, WITL will raffle one of their caps and two of their bracelets, as well as a complete kit from BH Templo Cafés.

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