Levy puts an exorbitant price on Kane

The Tottenham striker interests United and City, but if they want to get hold of him, they will have to scratch their pockets. Levy has put a price: 170 million euros.


The goal has always been paid dearly and Daniel Levy knows that, as he is also aware of the interest and economic muscle of the two highest bidders that his star has. Manchester United and Manchester City have Harry Kane on their summer agenda, since getting a nine is essential in both cases. To achieve this, they will have to scratch their pockets, since the top Spur leader has priced his center forward at about 170 million euros (150 pounds), according to the 'Daily Mail'.

Knocking on Tottenham's door in search of stars is, or was, a common practice. Just like it was, and still is, coming out crooked after the first approach. Real Madrid can give a good account of this, since it was done in their day with Gareth Bale and Luka Modric, but not before sweating blood, and leaving the rooms, to get them out of London. With Kane, Daniel Levy will proceed no differently.

Knowing the British businessman that the handle of the negotiation belongs to him, he will not sit down to negotiate for an amount less than that indicated above. In other words, to get Kane out of Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, he would have to be made the third most expensive player of all time, behind the 222 and 180 million that PSG paid for Neymar and Mbappé, respectively. The '9' has a contract until 2024, so there is no urgency of any sale, strengthening the spur position regarding the possible operation. The salary that he receives, of about 13 million euros a year, would not be an impediment for any of his suitors. Reach the 170 Levy asks for, yes.

At 27 years old, Kane is more than established as one of the most dangerous attackers on the planet. This season, he has also added an even more collaborative aspect to his football and accumulates 14 assists, as well as 21 goals, throughout the course. The 209 goals that he has in his entire career at Tottenham simply serve to endorse that there are few forwards as voracious and regular as him. Your must? Injuries, which have caused him to miss several important appointments over the years: see the Champions semi-finals against Ajax in 2019.

War out of necessity

In Manchester, as we said, they would wait for him with open arms. City is preparing for the possible goodbye of Kun Agüero, who ends his contract in June and whose renewal has not yet been closed. For this reason, the search for a category '9', now that the defense has gone from problem to solution, seems crucial in the citizen project. Even more so when Gabriel Jesus fails to take the definitive step forward as a point of reference. For this, few better than a Kane who would not have to adapt to the competition, as the other great objective of the club would have to do for the position, Erling Haaland (the fight for the Norwegian would be even more violent) .

As for the Red Devils, it seems that they are finally rubbing shoulders with the greats again, as they are second in the Premier League. This adds sporting appeal to a dubious project in recent years. The fight for Jadon Sancho starred the previous summer, but the arrival of Amad Diallo, whom they trust to squeeze, together with the expected explosion of Greenwood, change the order of preferences. Thus, to get a guarantee center forward, the only pure nine they have is a Cavani whose future they have to deal with, it is decisive to make the final leap that returns them to the world elite. It won't be cheap or easy. And less in times of economic recession such as those experienced, but it was never easy to get a world crack and if he plays for Tottenham, even less.

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